June 8, 2017


Hello! Here is a huge photo dump of our married life spring time adventures in New York where we have been enjoying looking for treasures for the cottage at flea markets, going on adventures, and seeing all the beauty of spring arrive to New York! A video is to come but we have been having technical difficulties, so until then please enjoy some pretty travel photos!

May 15, 2017


 Hello again! How has spring been treating you, friends? For us springtime means, "Loppis" (as it's called in Swedish) FLEA MARKET SEASON HAS BEGUN!!! We've been having so much fun rummaging around NY in search of the the right antique pieces for our vintage tiny home, which is something we've dreamed of doing for the 5 years of our married life!
In the video above we're showing you how we've been finding some real bargains + some of our mistakes in search of antique pieces that fit a tiny house! 

We've been learning how important it is to THINK SMALL! Everything always looks smaller outside, and bigger when you bring it inside your home! We learned the hard way to always ask for measurements or bring a tape measure with us, especially when looking for furniture. 

We made an expensive mistake of buying a whole bedroom set that did fit in the cottage (thankfully) but is so large inside that we're looking to replace it. However, these 2 vintage chairs we scored for $15 and they fit perfectly in our little kitchen!
Another thing that has helped us immensely while looking through hoards of antiques is STICKING TO A THEME

We have so many interested but we we moved into Buxton Cottage we felt that a "vintage woodland fairytale" theme suited it just perfectly. So when we're out thrifting we filter everything through that theme and it really helps us narrow down what fits best for our tiny house.
As far as, WHERE TO LOOK we've been to estate sales, flea markets, rummage sales, thrift stores, and of course craigslist.com has been one of the best ways for us to find out where all those things are going on! 

Can you guess how much we spent on everything in the photo above? $15!!! We scored all of the glass wear and plates for $1!!! Amazing, right?!
Our favorite part of thrifting has to be finding out the stories behind the items and having them become apart of our story.  

Hope you enjoy hearing some of our tips + a haul of our best flea market finds in NY for our cottage! Happy Hunting!
-Tales of Sheaves

April 20, 2017


Come along with us for a Spring edition "day in the life" at our vintage tiny home in New York + our early Easter celebration on our day off together!
 On Easter eve's morning Jonas surprised Lindsay with an egg hunt outside Buxton Cottage! It was a perfectly crisp and bright spring morning and Jonas so cleverly hid them among the wild flowers and in our faerie tree. The eggs were filled with Easter bunny chocolates, flower seeds, and even money! Jonas is truly the most thoughtful husband!
 Then we were both surprised with a large package at our doorstep with a beautiful tea set from @toadinwonderland (our IG friend-follow her for Disney magic!) The timing couldn't have been more perfect to accompany our homemade Easter brunch with a spot of tea in our new darling tea set from Grace Teawares. Thank you, Lanae for the most generous and thoughtful gift!!!
 After an episode of "Road to Avonlea" we got ready and set out to Muscoot Farm to see the baby animals! This 20th century farm has all kinds of animals, charming barns, and a spooky looking old mansion that was draped with daffodils!
 Next we headed to the Muscoot Tavern for a late lunch where we got a delicious salad and pizza. This 1920s era quirky restaurant is just too charming with its low ceilings and old bar. We just loved the atmosphere there!
 Hope you coming along with us for our Easter festivities! This is the 2nd year we've been away from families in California and Sweden on this holiday so we like to come up with different ways to make it feel festive even if it doesn't feel like how we grew up celebrating. However, perhaps over time this will be exactly what makes it feel like a holiday should be for us. Hope you had a blessed Easter and are enjoying the blooming springtime wherever you are!
-Tales of Sheaves

March 3, 2017


Come along as we move into our 1920's cottage in New York!!!
Settling into our tiny home has been a lot more work than we anticipated but we are SO incredibly thankful to have a home to call our own after being homeless for almost a year! 

When we put in our 30 days notice at the house share we were living in, we had no where to go and could never have dreamed that we'd actually get our own tiny home! Seriously, DREAMS DO COME TRUE! We have talked about wanting a cottage for a long time and we're so in love with "Buxton Cottage", as we have named it!

As lovely as it's been having a place to call our own, we didn't realize how much responsibility and possessions we would acquire. For 4 years we have lived very small and minimal as we have moved from California to Sweden, back to California, and then traveled America for a year.
We spent almost every weekend of February in search of furniture on Craigslist, estate sales, and thrift stores...only at the end of the month did we find a bedroom set, only to realize it was a little too big for our tiny home.
So the search continues, but we're trying to enjoy the process even if it's something entirely different than we are used to. We will always value adventures and memories over material possessions, but we are thrilled with the opportunity to create our own little vintage woodland fairytale world here in the cottage.
We're excited for spring and to keep bringing you along on the adventures and hope to give a tour once we've painted and decorated! As always, thanks for coming along, especially to those who have been through all the ups & downs of our pursuit of finding where we belong in this beautiful world!
-Tales of Sheaves

February 7, 2017

Our House Share Experience

2017 has already been filled with so many adventures in changes! A few days into the new year we decided to put in our 30 days notice for the room we were renting in an old house in NY even though we didn't have another place lined up to live.
We'd lived there 4.5 months and we had a few strange things happen during our time there but when we nearly got smoked out of the house we decided enough was enough. We figured we had been in worse scraps before and we'd find somewhere else to live...and WE DID!!! We can't wait to share more about that soon but first click the link below to take a tour of the first place we lived in NY plus see how we managed it and hear the crazy stories!

Even though our time there sure had it's ups and downs, we'll always look back with a smile when we think about eating out of tupperware, squirrels in the ceiling, and our sweet neighbor who helped us so much.
Though, most of January for us was filled with working and trying to sort out a new place to live, we did get to have a few little adventures like exploring Lasdon Park.
 Jonas had 2 of his art prints as apart of a black & white winter gala exhibit in Newburgh, New York!
 We realized how we have had many life changing things happen to us this time of year. February 2015, Jonas' greencard was approved in Stockholm and in February 2016 we moved from California to Georgia!
Now, February 2017, after being homeless/wandering/traveling/volunteering/working hard for a year we finally have a home of OUR OWN and we simply can't wait to share more about that soon when we have settle in more! We're thrilled to have good things to share and thank you to all who have been there with us through all the ups and downs of our adventures. Here's to a new exciting chapter of our married life tales!
-Tales of Sheaves