December 29, 2013

Julfika/The Christmas Get-together

Hello everyone! We put together a little video about a fika/get-together we had in our tiny apartment on the 4th Advent and actually we had 14 family members crammed inside (6 of those being children)! 
We stayed up the night before baking lots of delicious Christmas-y goodies like sugar cookies with frosting and lussekatter. In the video you can see a little bit of how we made this traditional Swedish Christmas roll spiced that is spiced with saffron.
We also made a candy cane gingerbread crust cheesecake that was AMAZING and totally was a hit during the fika! For drinks we had hot apple cider and glögg.‘'Twas all very delicious and we had great fun with a ton of people packed in our little place.
Watch the video if you like to get a peek into our little apartment and the fun we had that day (also you won't want to miss seeing Jonas & his 2 brothers dancing at the end)!
Happy Holidays,
-Tales of Sheaves

December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas & God Jul from Tales of Sheaves!

From all of us to all of you, a Merry Christmas & God Jul! In this video you'll get a glimpse into our Christmas time in Sweden (December 2013)! 
There is much more to Swedish traditions for "Jul" than what is show in this video but we just wanted to share the things we experienced together this year and so we captured the lighting of our Advent candles, Santa Lucia, Christmas decorations in our home and around town, and Christmas eve festivities! We hope you enjoy watching and hope that everyone has a most wonderful holiday season and may all your dreams come true in 2014!
-Tales of Sheaves

December 2, 2013

"The Great Pumpkin" by Jonas Fine Art

"The Great Pumpkin" is a piece who came alive during this Autumn. 
The story behind it is from an old Sheaves legend who says,
"On the very night of Halloween,
put a pumpkin under a tree.
If leaves turn to candy corn,
a true pumpkin king is born."
I wanted to paint the festive magical feeling of the season, mixed with American traditions and Scandinavian folklore, and I am glad it came out how it did.
Gouache colors on watercolor paper.
Next year I want to put a pumpkin under a tree... during the night of Halloween anything can happen!
- Jonas of Sheaves

December 1, 2013

Sheaves in Autumn

 Autumn, Höst, Fall...there is no other season that our souls are more connected to. It is our favorite season of all, the season that brings us the most joy. 
The season where we most feel like we are truly ourselves. A season of color, beauty, bounty, and gratitude. 
We are children of Fall; born two days apart from each other at the end of October.
We were wed on the 1st day of Fall (September 22, 2012)…the Autumnal Equinox; a day when day and night are equal and all is in harmony.
Harvest…a time to reap the crops, bring in the sheaves, reap the rewards of hard labor and rejoice over the bountiful abundance.
We are so glad that we live in a world where there are Octobers. The air is crisp and there is a certain magic to it. The days grow darker but are brought to light with candles, jack-o’-lanterns, and fires.
In Halloween time we embrace our spooky side (though we do that all year long as well).

Pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and masquerading on Halloween night. 
All Saints Day (Alla Helgons Dag) is a time to be with family and remember those who are no long with us. 
We have plenty to be thankful for all year round but Thanksgiving is a special day to think of everything we are thankful for. 
A day to realize how blessed we are and celebrate with our loved ones around a table filled with delicious food. 
 A cornucopia of blessings; our “horn of plenty”.
In Autumn's season we are thankful for apples, pumpkins, autumn leaves, the falling of leaves, the sound of leaves crunching under our feet as we walk. 
Most of all we love the COLOR everywhere! 
Orange, red, yellow…Nature bursts with magnificent color and beauty. 
For all these reasons we are most thankful and grateful for all the things that make up our favorite season of all.
Autumn Greetings & Blessings!
-Tales of Sheaves

November 22, 2013

TCM Ultimate Fan Contest: Behind The Scenes

 PLEASE NOTE: All of Lindsay's posts have been moved and updated on her new blog!

Hi! Lindsay of Sheaves here again! I just posted a blog about my experience entering the TCM Ultimate Fan Contest and in this blog post I just want to tell a little bit about how we created the vibe for my video entry. First of all, you have to know that Autumn is our favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday ever!!! So, Jonas & I already had a lot of cute decorations we could use to make a vintage Halloween looking setup inspired by“"Arsenic & Old Lace". I am obsessed with vintage Halloween postcards so that really inspired me as well and we had a little one framed that we used in the setup as well. I was super inspired by Betty Grable's classic vintage Halloween pinup that maybe you’ve seen before!

Practicing my surprised spooky pinup face like Betty!
So we just covered a book we had with white wrapping paper and my wonderfully talented husband edited in the vintage style book cover to resemble the one Betty Grable is holding. Our setup wasn't really fancy at all, we just used a desk lamp we have to cast the shadow on the wall and give it that vintage Halloween pinup touch! I must say, I'm quite pleased with how it all came out. Secretly, this contest was also a way/excuse to make my vintage Halloween pinup wannabe Betty Grable dreams come true! I know I'll never be as cool as her but I was very inspired by her and gave it my own twist. My husband also did a Happy Halloween edit on the book cover that turned out so super cute! Since sadly I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year, this felt like at least something in place of that.

Anyways, you're probably tired of seeing me make the same face in all these pictures! You can watch a little Behind The Scenes video below that I put together showing how we set everything up from extra footage. Take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like because we have more things on the way!

Until next time,
-Lindsay of Sheaves

TCM Ultimate Fan Contest

PLEASE NOTE: All of Lindsay's posts have been moved and updated on her new blog!
Hello everyone! Lindsay of Sheaves here! Since "Tales of Sheaves" is us, my husband & I, but from time to time we may post blogs individually.
Today, I wanted to share about how I entered the
TCM Ultimate Fan Contest
I think it was a wonderful thing that Turner Classic Movies did for their fans, giving them the chance to strut their hosting abilities, make a video presenting one of their favorite classic movies, and have the chance to be a part of the TCM Film Festival in Spring 2014 in Hollywood, CA by hosting a movie live there and also presenting on a movie on the channel. Well, they just announced the winner a few days ago and while I wasn't surprised that I didn't win, I guess there was a tiny part of me that had hoped, since I've always admired Robert Osborne and cling to his every word and fact before and after every film. It has always been a dream of mine to be a guest programmer alongside Osborne and I'm still not giving up on that dream though! Honestly though, just to say I was a part of this contest was a joy to me! Just to see my video on the TCM website was like WOW!

It was so cool to see how many entries there were, so many different kinds of people all with one thing in common...we are TCM and classic movie fanatics! I was practically raised on classic movies and it was and is a no brainer to have TCM on the TV anytime my family was gathered in the living room. TCM has always been my favorite channel but for me my love of classic movies isn't just an interest; it's a passion, near obsession, and huge part of what makes me, me! My family has often jokingly called me "Ms. Osborne" referring to how I know so many facts about classic movies, has actors and years memorized, and when watching any movie could tell you what other movie the actors had been in. I knew I had to enter this contest even if I didn't win; just knowing I had been a part of this once in a life time opportunity was enough!

You can watch my video contest entry here:

*Disclaimer: I'm a little embarrassed of my video, well not how it looks but how I sound! I didn't want to pretend to be some kind of super outgoing personality, because that's just not who I am, I wanted to remain true to who I am and I'm more quiet by nature. So, this was definitely out of my comfort zone but I'm proud of myself for doing it anyways*

Though I have MANY favorite classic movies I chose to present one of my all-time favorite movies "Arsenic and Old Lace" for a few reasons. The contest ended on Halloween, my husband & I had all the decorations for a cute vintage Halloween looking set up, and I figured I had the whole "gothy girl" thing going for me to go along with the look of everything. I can't express how much I love this movie, it's by far my favorite movie to watch during Halloween time and my family and I always laugh SO hard it's almost enough to wake the dead ;) I think Cary Grant does an amazing job, in my opinion I think it's one of his funniest roles! All the actors are amazing, I love the ambience, and it's just one of those screwball comedies that stands out above the rest! Only Frank Capra could pull it all off so flawlessly, delightfully morbid and heartwarming at the same time, as only he can do! For the contest the entrees had to do it in 90 seconds or less, and that proved quite difficult for me! I wrote up a script with lots of nice facts and it ended up being too long! Unfortunately, I had to cut out a lot of what I wanted to say, I didn't get to add any fun facts or side stories like I love how Robert Osborne does so often. Maybe, that's also a reason why my video didn't have much of a chance in the contest since I ended up pretty much just giving a summary of the synopsis with my own wording of course. I wish I had had more time to be able to add more of my own flair and some fun facts. But like I said before, I wasn't in it to win it, just to say I did it! So, here is the full version of what I wrote originally before I had to cut things out if you'd like to read:

-Hi there! Lindsay Karlsson here and on behalf of TCM I want to present to you one of my favorite classic movies, Frank Capra's “"Arsenic and Old Lace"” starring my main squeeze of the silver screen, Cary Grant as Mortimer Brewster; an anti-matrimony author that ironically falls in love with and marries “the girl next door” Elaine Harper played by the ever lovely Priscilla Lane. Just after they got married at the court house Grant goes to tell the good news to his family while Lane gets ready for their honeymoon. He is greeted by his aunts that raised him and they are the 2 sweetest old ladies you’ll ever meet. Or are they? Well let’s just say we all have some skeletons in the closet but you ain't got nothing on dear ol'’ Aunty Abby and Martha, played by the same actresses of the 1941 play by John Kesselring of which this film was adapted from. They have an unusual way of “helping” lonely old men and well, let’s just say it might have something to do with poison, as the title of the movie suggests. Hilarity ensues when Grant discovers their “little” secret and frantically tries to resolve the matter without his new bride finding out! His plan is to pin the misdeeds of his aunts on his brother Teddy, played by John Alexander, who thinks he is THE Teddy Roosevelt. It seems like the perfect solution since everyone knows he is crazy. But what would this dark screwball comedy be without Grant’s estranged brother Jonathan showing up trying to hide his own dearly departed friend, played by Raymond Massey and bearing the likeness of Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein. Karloff was the original actor to play Jonathan in the play and there are a few hilarious references in the movie made to that. Massey has his partner in crime and alcoholic plastic surgeon with him “Doctor Einstein” played by Peter Lorre! It’s rare we get to see him in a comedy but he is perfect for the part! And let’s not forget that this film has some of my favorite supporting actors of comedy Jack Carson as the local policeman, James Gleason as the chief of police, and Edward Everret Horton as the president of Happy Dale sanitarium. OH! And did I forget to mention the whole film is set in Brooklyn on Halloween day? Well it’s the perfect setting for this zany and twisted comedy that will leave us all feeling like we belong in Happy Dale! From 1944 here is “"Arsenic and Old Lace"”

Thanks for reading about my experience! I'd recommend searching on YouTube to see more of the entries and of course the winning entry by Tiffany Vazquez. I'll be posting one more blog soon with a little behind the scenes of how we set up for the video!
-Lindsay of Sheaves

October 26, 2013

Introducing: Tales of Sheaves

Tales of Sheaves

Sheaves is husband and wife, Jonas & Lindsay.
 A Swedish guy...
...and a California girl that found true love, were wed on the 1st day of Autumn, and live far away in the North.
What does Sheaves mean to us? It’s a symbol of the harvest of sowing, hoping, weeping, rejoicing, and the reaping of dreaming...
Tales of Sheaves is the endeavors and adventures of our journeys together through life. Whether that be our dreams, passions, creativity, inspiration, expression, influences, beliefs, art, music, travels, or our everyday life.
We will be starting a blog and YouTube channel to share all these things with you! We have no idea how this will be received or how this might expand, it may last a short while or a lifetime, but we aren’t going to put any rules or limitations on this new endeavor of ours. It will be an adventure as is life. Tales of Sheaves is US and our way of sharing with you the stories of our dreams coming true.
Come along with us on our journeys and we will tell you our tales...
-Tales of Sheaves
*more details and links coming soon*