November 22, 2013

TCM Ultimate Fan Contest: Behind The Scenes

 PLEASE NOTE: All of Lindsay's posts have been moved and updated on her new blog!

Hi! Lindsay of Sheaves here again! I just posted a blog about my experience entering the TCM Ultimate Fan Contest and in this blog post I just want to tell a little bit about how we created the vibe for my video entry. First of all, you have to know that Autumn is our favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday ever!!! So, Jonas & I already had a lot of cute decorations we could use to make a vintage Halloween looking setup inspired by“"Arsenic & Old Lace". I am obsessed with vintage Halloween postcards so that really inspired me as well and we had a little one framed that we used in the setup as well. I was super inspired by Betty Grable's classic vintage Halloween pinup that maybe you’ve seen before!

Practicing my surprised spooky pinup face like Betty!
So we just covered a book we had with white wrapping paper and my wonderfully talented husband edited in the vintage style book cover to resemble the one Betty Grable is holding. Our setup wasn't really fancy at all, we just used a desk lamp we have to cast the shadow on the wall and give it that vintage Halloween pinup touch! I must say, I'm quite pleased with how it all came out. Secretly, this contest was also a way/excuse to make my vintage Halloween pinup wannabe Betty Grable dreams come true! I know I'll never be as cool as her but I was very inspired by her and gave it my own twist. My husband also did a Happy Halloween edit on the book cover that turned out so super cute! Since sadly I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year, this felt like at least something in place of that.

Anyways, you're probably tired of seeing me make the same face in all these pictures! You can watch a little Behind The Scenes video below that I put together showing how we set everything up from extra footage. Take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like because we have more things on the way!

Until next time,
-Lindsay of Sheaves

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