January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2013/2014!

Happy New Year! The video below shows a little bit of how we spent our New Year's Eve celebration in Sweden this year. 
We started out by dropping by a few family members and wishing them a happy new year (and "see you next year" jokes) and then we had a good dinner at home and watched half of "Holiday Inn"(our favorite holiday/christmas/new year movie!)
Then we took our New Year's Eve pictures and had some good laughs when the sparklers were going everywhere but we are really happy how they turned out. 
Of course we had to edit some in a vintage holiday postcard style. 
Lindsay's vintage/retro/Victorian/gothic inspired outfit for New Year's Eve festivities. Gray lace top with black Peter Pan collar, black velvet ruched skirt, and Victorian style boots.
Then it was almost midnight and we headed to the harbor which turned out to be the perfect location to see the fireworks going off across the water and all around us too! Since it is legal to buy and set off your own fireworks in Sweden we bought one of our own and we were excited/nervous to set it up since the package said it had 100s of flairs but it turned out to only have one poof (that I barely managed to capture on film but you can see it in the video anyways). Thankfully the people next to us probably spent a fortune on fireworks and we could enjoy seeing theirs! It started getting really cold and windy out there and we couldn't light our sparklers so we headed back home and warmed up with some hot chocolate and the rest of "Holiday Inn". 

New Year's Day has always been a tradition for Lindsay's family to watch the annual Rose Parade on TV and eat monkey bread and the tradition has been carried on in our marriage! It seemed very fitting and good sign for us that the theme for this year's parade was "Dreams come true".” That was the theme for our wedding and we have it on wedding rings (in runes) and will continue to be our theme for our whole marriage/lives we are sure! 2013 was a very rough year for us and sometimes we would find ourselves doubting that our new dreams would ever come true but just like any fairy tale you have to keep on believing, hoping, wishing, and dreaming and so we are definitely taking it as a word from heaven that this year will be better than the last and that maybe this year we will start to see some of our dreams come true. We would like to end this post with one more thought, that being our theme song to set the tone for this brand new year! Irving Berlin's "Let’s Start The New Year Right" sung by Bing Crosby in "Holiday Inn" (1942):

"Let's start the new year right...Kissing the old year out, kissing the new year in. Let's watch the old year die with a fond good-bye and our hopes as high as a kite. How can our love go wrong if we start the new year right?"

This song could not ring more true in our hearts as we kiss 2013 goodbye and say hello to 2014 with our hopes as high as a kite!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and may all our dreams come true in 2014!
-Tales of Sheaves

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