May 22, 2014

John Bauer Museum

Here's a little video of our visit to Jönköpings läns museum in Jönköping, Sweden to see John Bauer's original artwork on display there! 
It was amazing to see his beautiful paintings in person even if the display/room was a little disappointing. As you can see in the video the display was quite small and had no labels on the paintings or anything about Bauer's life.
We had been looking forward to learning more about Bauer and his life so we can only assume that it is a temporary room of sorts in progress since Jonas remembers it being much more and different.
Also, Bauer's most famous pieces were not on display but that is understandable as most fragile art must be taken special care of and the paintings to be rotated for viewing.
It was still totally worth the visit to see the famous John Bauer fairy tale trolls in person!
-Tales of Sheaves

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