May 1, 2014

Valborg/Walpurgis Night Festivities!

We spent our first Valborg/Walpurgis Night together at Nynäs Slott in Tystberga, Sweden!

It was fun to take a look around inside the orangerie, boutique, and blown glass in an old cottage. (We hope to visit again in the summer and go in the castle!) 

It got quite cold/windy/rainy so we didn't stay by the bonfire too long but it was a nice evening of festivities nonetheless!
Walpurgis Night/Valborg/Beltane/May Day are all pretty much the same holiday and celebrated in most European countries a public holiday on the last day of April and 1st of May. The name of the holiday comes from Saint Walpurga who was canonized on May 1st ca. 870.
In Sweden the essence of the holiday is to celebrate spring and that summer isn't too far away. During the transition from winter into spring when the snow has melted the forests become disheveled with lots of scattered branches and we believe it was tradition to gather up this fallen foliage and burn it in the bonfire on Walpurgis night.
It is a symbol of burning away the brown and old remains of the cold seasons and making way for warmth, color, and light. We really love this symbolism and it was a wonderful thing to meditate on 'round the bonfire.

Here are some photos we took by Nynäs Slott of what we wore to the Walpurgis night festivities! 

Glad Valborg!
-Tales of Sheaves


  1. I want to celebrate with you! Ah, your videos are adorable! I have to make videos in the future :3

    Love your hairpiece btw!

    1. Thank you, and we would love to celebrate with you! :D