May 23, 2014

Weekend in Göteborg, Sweden

We got to take a little road trip in April to the west side of Sweden to visit Jonas' twin brother & his family. 
 On the way there we stopped in Jönköping to go to the John Bauer museum (see previous post/video) to see his original art on display there. Then we got to spend an awesome weekend with family and good friends in Göteborg/Gothenburg!
We visited Trädgardsföreningen to see the beautiful tulips and go inside the Victorian greenhouse there!
Love this old sign and entry way
Tip toe through the tulips...
Isn't our little niece the cutest?!
We pretty much fell in head over heels in love with this place and got so many Addams Family vibes, can you see why?
It was so wonderful to meet up with our good friend and here are Lindsay & Mie together inside the Palmhuset.
It's almost a proper jungle inside!
The tulips were absolutely spectacular on the garden grounds.
It was a gorgeous, sunny, and warm day (25 C/77 F) and of course that cream!!!
Weekend visits also call for family size pizzas and watching Mr. Bean!
The first bbq of the year!
On our journey back home we stopped at an awesome ruined castle called Brahehus in Gränna.
You can see the lake Vättern and the island of Visingsö
The view was absolutely spectacular looking over Jönköping
A fairytale landscape...
The castle was built for Count Per Brahe the Younger in the 1640s
Unfortunately it came into desolation in the 1680s and had suffered a fire in 1708
It was preserved with concrete and is a popular stop off the freeway.
Do you ever wish you could go back in time to see what something would have looked like in its glory days?
We definitely felt that standing in Brahehus. The location is absolutely perfect and it must have truly magnificent when it was in use.
The castle ruins had such an enchanting presence that is hard to describe unless you've stood inside there yourself. It was so full of memories and secrets and we found ourselves fantasizing about all the romantic and adventurous things that must have happened in this castle.

All and all we had a very wonderful weekend full of laughs, good food, history, and lots of spring sunshine!
-Tales of Sheaves

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