June 27, 2014

Midsommar 2014

This is part 2 of our Midsommar blog posts! Don't forget to watch our YouTube video which has videos/pictures from both of our midsummer celebrations from this year and last year! Also, don't miss the last post which has lots of pictures and more to read about our enchanting midsummer 2013!
This year we decided to go to Bj√∂rnlunda for Midsommar. 

Unfortunately we were running late and missed seeing the raising of the maypole. But we were just in time to see all the people dancing around the midsummmer pole! Which was followed by traditional dancing by a few teenagers, they were wonderful!

The grounds of Björnlunda hembygdsgard were picturesque and just as Swedish as can be with all the old red traditional houses and farm houses, perfect for photo taking!
Lindsay is showing off her fairy arm cuffs that she won in a recent giveaway from Freckles Fairy Chest.
Lindsay made her DIY flower crown this year again
which isn't the traditional way of making a midsommarkrans but it's always nice to have your own style...faerie style!
Jonas looked rather handsome in his folk inspire attire.
A Swede in his natural habitat.
Midsommar love!
Old red traditional Swedish farm houses are the perfect backdrop for photo taking!
Here's a nice view of where all the festivities took place and the midsommar pole in the back!
We found an even cuter red house with pretty summer flowers growing on it!

So of course that meant more picture taking. Sorry for the lack of scenery photos but all that can be seen in our YouTube video! It was a quite cold and windy day so we were hurrying up to take pictures and get out of the bad weather (typical for midsommar!)

Last year's festivities were perhaps more magical since we spent the night and went out on midsummer's night but this year we stayed in and watched "Ever After" since it was a bit too cold to go out exploring this year. 

Summer solstice blessings!
-Tales of Sheaves