June 27, 2014

Midsommar 2013

Hello friends! Hope this all finds you well and that you had a blessed summer solstice. We got back from our California vacation (lots of videos/photos coming soon from that!) to celebrate Midsommar in Sweden! Which is probably our favorite Swedish holiday that we like to celebrate together! Since we hadn't started Tales of Sheaves last year when we first celebrated together we decided to make a YouTube video from our midsummer festivities from this year and last! This blog post will be about our midsummer dream last year!
We decided to go to Malmköping because they have a very cute old area of the town with lots of red traditional Swedish farm houses that are perfect for taking pictures by.

We decided to dress in our own folk/fairy style rather than traditional Swedish style because well for one thing we don't have those kinds of clothes (wouldn't mind though!) and because it was fun doing it in our own style.
 Midsommar love!
 Traditionally a midsummer crown (midsommarkrans) is made from fresh summer flowers but Lindsay decided to make her first DIY flower crown with faux flowers, came out quite well actually!
 Every city in Sweden has its own style of maypole (midsommarstang) and some can have similarities and some can be very unique, and this one in Malmköping was quite different than the typical 2 rings style maypole. This one was quite detailed and beautiful though!

It was great fun experiencing a traditional midsommar together and watching everyone dancing around the midsummer pole to traditional music but the best part of our celebration was our enchanting midsummer night's dream!
These photos were taken around 11 at night, it was so amazing how the sun hardly ever set. Many people don't realize how far north Sweden really is and it Scandinavia is the place of the midnight sun for a reason.
We stayed at nearby Malmköping and Jonas really did pick the most magical spot because behind where we stayed was lake and on that lake was a long wooden bridge leading out to Trollön (Troll Island). It was almost midnight when we went out on a little midsummer night's eve adventure and exploration of the little island. It was truly was an enchanted evening with the full moon's reflection on the lake. It isn't hard to understand why summer solstice is considered to be one of the most magical nights of the year! We even saw winged creatures fly about...no, not fairies but close enough, bats! They were so cute fluttering around and skimming over the lake and the moonlight.

Before heading back home we decided to explore Trollön (Troll Island) which was so lovely to see!
 It was covered in beautiful ferns and mossy rocks.
 This spot we found certain led us to believe that the island got its name for a good reason because this definitely looks like a troll den.
 On our drive home we made a stop at the church ruin we got engaged at! We hadn't been there since we got engaged on October 19, 2011 and oh what a magical night that was! Candles, fireworks, and the most beautiful black diamond ring! It was so lovely to visit this special spot in the day time and we even had a little picnic inside. Below is the very spot where Jonas popped the question, awww!
The next blog post will be up shortly of photos from 2014 but don't forget to watch the YouTube video that has both years’ videos worth of midsommar festivities! Summer solstice blessings!
-Tales of Sheaves


  1. Magical!! The mossy rocks really reminds me of the rock trolls in Frozen! :D

    And wow, you look so different from the photos of your engagement!^^