July 13, 2014

Seize The Sunset

Yesterday was the peak of the full moon of July and also happened to be a super moon.
We had planned to go take pictures of the moon and hopefully catch some mist upon the fields as well.
The day had started out clear but around 10 in the evening (when the sun starts to set in Sweden in the summer) the clouds started rolling in.
We headed out anyways hoping the clouds would clear enough to see the moon at some point and as we were driving and came around a bend we saw the most breath-taking sunset!
 Instantly we pulled over and ran into a field of wheat and set up our tripod and lit the lanterns we had intended for the mist as we stood waist deep in the wheat.
 We knew we only had a very small window of time to capture the sunset while it was at its peak!
It made us think that even though it didn't go as we had planned and the moon never showed its face that maybe these pictures are way more amazing then the others would have been.
We had wanted the moon but got a glorious display from the sun. So we say, seize the sunset!
-Tales of Sheaves

July 8, 2014

DAPPSY Paper Moon photo shoot

On our trip to California we had the incredible honor of being a part of a photo shoot where we modeled on a paper moon photo booth. 
DAPPSY is a vintage inspired shop owned by an amazing husband & wife team who make paper moons, rustic cake stands, wedding cake toppers, and more! 
Aubrey of Traveling Tree Photography did a wonderful job and we all couldn't be more pleased with how the photos came out! It was an old-fashioned dream come true for us to be on a paper moon...and in an orange grove no less! Don't hesitate to check out the links below because we can so highly recommend the services of these wonderful and talented people and it was such a pleasure working with them!
-Tales of Sheaves 


Traveling Tree Photography:

Lindsay's hair styled by www.facebook.com/lovelylockstoo
Jonas' cravat made by www.flaxandkite.etsy.com and the rest of our wardrobe styling was done by us. 

July 4, 2014

The next chapter of our tales (BIG NEWS!)

The next chapter for Tales of Sheaves...

We are not choosing a country
We are not choosing a family

Those 3 lines above is the core to the big decision we have made. It is very important to us that all our family and friends feel not favoritism or neglect no matter where you are from. We ask you all to please keep those words in mind while reading this blog post. We believe that if we all can look past our patriotism then no feelings can be hurt and only hopefulness can be found for the future.

So without further ado, yes, it's true! We are taking the big step of (trying) to move to America! We are in the process of applying for Jonas' green card/visa and hope that without too much delay he will be approved so that we can officially say we are moving to America! It's really hard to say how long it will take from this point on and we waited to announce that we were doing this until the first step of the process got approved but that took 6 months of waiting. Where in America, you may be thinking? Yes siree, California will be our starting place but we have no limitations to where life will take us! Of course California will be the best starting place for us to get on our feet with the help of our family and friends. Which brings us to a very important point...WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We will spare you the boring details of visa paperwork and get to the point. Lindsay needs to "reestablish domicile" in the US since she left to move overseas. She needs proof to show the government that she intends to move back with Jonas when he is approved. Solid proof would be things such as a job letter, apartment contract, purchase of a car, etc. It is VERY important that we can get this proof quickly as not to delay the visa process or the worst would be not getting approved because of lack of evidence. So, we are asking all you wonderful Southern Californians, will you help us?!? Moving countries is a big task and we are heavily relying on our connections in California to help us get on our feet there! We know we are asking a lot but we aren't asking for handouts, we are ready and willing to work to make our dreams come true! We are totally open to creative suggestions as well and no help is too small! We totally realize that not everyone can help us with the major things we listed but you never know what a connection can lead to! We just want to say thank you so much in advance, you guys rock!

So now for some background information on how we came to this decision if you care to read on it will really help give you an insight into our brains! Well, we first chose to move to Sweden as newlyweds because we thought it would be the best place for us to start out because Jonas had his job and let's just be honest, the prospect of moving to Europe right after our wedding seemed so adventurous and had always been a dream for Lindsay! From the beginning we never made a long term commitment to living in Sweden, we simply planned to start out there and see where life took us. As can happen with many things in life, things didn't turn out as we hoped and we were hit with a hard dose of reality during our first very hard year of living in Sweden. The culture/language/weather shock was no joke for Lindsay and even for Jonas because as a married couple these challenges affected us both immensely. Even though Lindsay has gained a good basic knowledge of understanding Swedish (still working on the speaking part!) it hasn't made the daily challenges we face of living in another language environment much easier, and yes while Jonas is a native Swedish speaker we made the decision a long time ago that we would keep our relationship in English because it is vital to keep our marriage strong by constantly having good communication. We also realized that in Sweden only one of us has a chance to really make something of ourselves and in America we would both have a fighting chance to pursue our careers and that realization is worth more to us despite the challenges we will face than staying in Sweden for any sense of security. Even though things haven't turned out here as we would have hoped we are so grateful that things have gotten better and we have been able to enjoy our time here together more actually so much so that we started to question our decision of wanting to move to the States.

And do you know what we have to remind ourselves of when that happens? That we are following our dreams! Sweden is a great country and like we mentioned already we are not playing favorites to any country over another because of where we chose to live, we chose based on where we see our dreams coming true. Getting married was our first goal and moving to Sweden the second and we really had no expectations but we were pretty curious to see what things would open up for us in Sweden but we have pretty much just lived a normal life of work for Jonas and Swedish classes for Lindsay the past year and a half. During that time our new dreams started to form of what we want to pursue next!

For Lindsay that is to pursue a career in the wedding industry, what exactly that may be is yet to be seen but that's all apart of the fun! She thrived on planning her own wedding and saw her gifts come even more into use when helping at a friend's wedding on a trip to California last year. Lindsay has so much passion for design, decoration, planning, and helping couples make their special day everything they had dreamed of! The whole wedding planning process is much more lavish in America compared to Sweden so Lindsay does not see herself being apart of wedding planning there. She sees all her talents and gifts to be perfectly suited in event planning and will actively seek experience in that field when working in America.

For Jonas that is to pursue a career in his artwork that hasn't been able to really take flight in his home country. His style of art is very Scandinavian influenced and to Swedes his art style may appear very traditional but of course undeniably talented where as in America we have noticed that his art is seen as more unique and "exotic." For Jonas, the ultimate dream would be for him to be able to do his art full-time. Our ultimate dream in the future would be to be able to combine all our passions and talents and work together full-time!

We realize our dreams are big and will take time and we also realize that dreams can shift and change over time but we are steadfast in the fact that this is what we feel called to right now and is the next path we want to take. Also without going into a lot of special personal details, we received a lot of personal confirmations and encouragements that we had been praying for on our last trip to California so now we are 100% that we are following God's will for us and are seeing all the pieces falling into place for us. We don't expect everyone to understand how we have chosen to live our lives but if you are our family and friends we hope that you can at least respect our choices even if they seem crazy sometimes but knowing that we are doing it according to God's will and that we will always keep following our dreams!
-Tales of Sheaves

July 1, 2014

The making of "Home From The Mine" by Jonas Fine Art

This artwork was made with acrylic color on 300 gram paper. I was inspired by one of my favourite scenes from Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" where the dwarfs are marching home on a log bridge after a hard day's work in the mine and I chose to combine that iconic scene with the cottage of the seven dwarfs. I want people to recognize the famous scene but see it as a new extended scene that didn't exist in the movie. 
I also want my Scandinavian heritage to be seen through this since that's a part of me and also because the Swedish artist Gustaf Tenggren had a big part in visually developing Snow White with his concept art and unique style and has greatly influenced my style of art. I hope you can sense from this painting that wonderful feeling the dwarfs must have felt of putting their feet up after having a delicious supper and as the sun goes down are quite ready to fall asleep after a hard and satisfying day's work in the mine.
-Jonas of Sheaves