July 13, 2014

Seize The Sunset

Yesterday was the peak of the full moon of July and also happened to be a super moon.
We had planned to go take pictures of the moon and hopefully catch some mist upon the fields as well.
The day had started out clear but around 10 in the evening (when the sun starts to set in Sweden in the summer) the clouds started rolling in.
We headed out anyways hoping the clouds would clear enough to see the moon at some point and as we were driving and came around a bend we saw the most breath-taking sunset!
 Instantly we pulled over and ran into a field of wheat and set up our tripod and lit the lanterns we had intended for the mist as we stood waist deep in the wheat.
 We knew we only had a very small window of time to capture the sunset while it was at its peak!
It made us think that even though it didn't go as we had planned and the moon never showed its face that maybe these pictures are way more amazing then the others would have been.
We had wanted the moon but got a glorious display from the sun. So we say, seize the sunset!
-Tales of Sheaves