August 28, 2014

Disneyland Trip 2014

DISNEYLAND!!! We were so grateful to be able to go to our favorite place on our trip to California this spring 2014. Follow us around at the happiest place on earth in the video below!
Mandatory Disneyland castle picture!
We spent the wonderful day at Disneyland with Lindsay's family.
It was a dream come true for Jonas to meet one of his favorite Disney characters, Donald Duck! Or as they call him in Sweden "Kalle Anka"
It was also a dream come true for Lindsay to meet her favorite princess, Snow White!
Lindsay Disney bounding as Mickey Mouse at Minnie's house!
Disney bounding is a concept we've been recently obsessed with and can't wait to do more! It's so fun to design an outfit inspired by a Disney character, and the cool part is that you can become anyone, whether that character is a male, female, or animal!
We were so thrilled that Katie Kelly was going to be signing at Off The Page in Disney's California Adventure the very day we would be at Disneyland! We absolutely love her art and she is the most lovely lady!
We got to meet Chip & Dale! They didn't like the Donald pin that Jonas was wearing so they made him stand behind them for the picture!
We also got to pay a visit to the campus of Monsters University!
Two words...DOLE WHIP!!! This was the first one that Jonas ever had and the first one Lindsay had that should could remember, delicious pineapple tropical magic in a cup!!!
Lindsay and her best friend/little sister in the Fantasy Faire.
All hail the Princess Aurora!...or, Princess Kelsey! For her birthday we bought her this beautiful Sleeping Beauty crown from Etsy so she could Disney bound with us! Doesn't she look adorable?!
We headed to Downtown Disney to meet up with some Instagram friends, Michelle, Jasmine, and Jenny Rae! They are just as lovely, fun, and magical in person, if not more! It was such a pleasure meeting them and hanging out for a little bit!
We spent about 16 hours at the happiest place on earth and even though we could barely walk the next day, having a Disney hangover is the best kind you can have! We had an absolutely magical place at our favorite place on earth where dreams come true!
-Tales of Sheaves

August 20, 2014

California Trip 2014

Here's an overall vlog video and blog post from our California trip this spring 2014! We had a wonderful and much needed trip full of fun adventures, spending time with friends and family, and having lots of delicious dishes and sweets! We couldn't fit everything in one video so check out the links below for more of our California adventures or subscribe to our YouTube channel to see those videos when they are posted!
California Vlog:

DAPPSY paper moon photo shoot behind the scenes:

Mountain getaway to Big Bear where we got married: 


Jonas, Lindsay, & Kelsey's Big Adventure to the Cabazon Dinosaurs: 

-Read & Photos:

Our first full day there was Memorial day! We went to the Riverside National Cemetery which is one of the third largest memorial cemetery in America.
Lindsay's Grandfather is was laid to rest there and it was so special that her Grandmother was able to join and honor his service in the US Navy!
We have never seen so many American flags at one time. Volunteers places thousands of flags on the graves and it was a very beautiful and somber sight to behold.
We got to be apart of something very special with our friends at DAPPSY! We are still so thankful that we got to be apart of their paper moon photo shoot where we modeled on the moon in an orange grove and epic twisted trees in the background! Lindsay has always wanted to have a photo on a paper moon, so this day was a dream come true! Here is a little behind the scenes picture of Victoria of DAPPSY and Aubrey of Traveling Tree Photography watching swinging on the moon!
It was such a beautiful location that Aubrey knew of, it was a hidden and overgrown orange grove in Corona, CA. It was so special because this area has a rich citrus history and is very meaningful to Lindsay.
Here is one of our favorite photos from the shoot! Traveling Tree Photography did a spectacular job and don't hesitate to check out DAPPSY on their website and etsy! Also, watch our behind the scenes video from the photo shoot here and see the full set of photos here!
We had planned a few get togethers over the trip so we could have the chance to see our friends and have a fun time! The first was at Tom's Farms at their swing dancing night! 
Lindsay and her sister Kelsey striking a dance pose!
It was our first time trying swing dancing. Kelsey is an old pro and showed us a few things! It was really fun and we wouldn't mind trying it again!
We had the amazing opportunity to visit and stay the night at the beautiful place we got married in Big Bear, CA! Gold Mountain Manor is a 1920s log manor bed & breakfast and venue with the most beautiful rooms, garden area, and the best wedding services and staff! It was so amazing to be there again and take it all in because on our wedding day there was so much going on! We feel like the manor was even more magical then we remembered and we are so truly blessed to have gotten married at such an enchanting place!
We also visited the meadow our wonderful wedding photographer took us to where she captured our fairytale so beautifully! It was so nice being in this lovely meadow by Big Bear Lake again where we have such special memories of where we had some precious moments together as newly wedded husband and wife and Julie Lynn Photography.
Here we are at the Wonderground Gallery at Downtown Disney! We are huge fans of Disney art so it was so cool to check out all the amazing paintings and merchandise there.

We were blessed to meet Noah Fine Art who is an artist we have admired for a long time, he was painting live with his unique airbrush technique, be sure to check out his work!
DISNEYLAND!!! We were so blessed to spend a full day at the happiest place on earth with Lindsay's family and also met friends through out the day!
Lindsay of course was thrilled to meet her favorite princess, Snow White! We also had a blast Disney bounding for our first real time as a Lost Boy, Mickey Mouse, and Princess Aurora.
We went on a little road trip to the Cabazon dinosaurs where some of our favorite movie was filmed...Pee-wee's Big Adventure! If you're also a fan stay on the look out for a very funny video from this day of us dancing to "Tequila" by the dinosaurs!
 Our last family day together was spent at Balboa beach!
We rented a duffy boat and took a 2 hour tour around the Balboa back bay, it was so lovely and relaxing!

Going to the beach was the perfect end to our California trip! We hope you enjoyed the photos and video, we had such a fun time! Stay tuned for more videos from our trip! Since we on the topic of California here's a little update about the visa process we are in, we're in the 2nd phase now and hope that we are at least over the half way point as far as waiting times! We can't be exactly sure of when Jonas could be approved but we can guess it might be some time after the new year! Maybe we'll be setting off on our next chapter of our tales in 2015 so we won't be gone for long, California!
Check out some of the places and people shown in the video:
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-Our good friend Tayler's youtube channels: &
-Rob Silva tattoo artist at
-Disney inspired art and more!
-The beautiful 1920s log manor b&b we got married at
-Old fashioned diner and soda fountain in the Orange Circle
-Filming location for "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure"

-Tales of Sheaves

August 10, 2014

Twin Tag

Jonas of Sheaves and his "look-a-like" a.k.a. twin brother Emil answer the questions from the twin tag for your viewing enjoyment!

Check out their band: