August 28, 2014

Disneyland Trip 2014

DISNEYLAND!!! We were so grateful to be able to go to our favorite place on our trip to California this spring 2014. Follow us around at the happiest place on earth in the video below!
Mandatory Disneyland castle picture!
We spent the wonderful day at Disneyland with Lindsay's family.
It was a dream come true for Jonas to meet one of his favorite Disney characters, Donald Duck! Or as they call him in Sweden "Kalle Anka"
It was also a dream come true for Lindsay to meet her favorite princess, Snow White!
Lindsay Disney bounding as Mickey Mouse at Minnie's house!
Disney bounding is a concept we've been recently obsessed with and can't wait to do more! It's so fun to design an outfit inspired by a Disney character, and the cool part is that you can become anyone, whether that character is a male, female, or animal!
We were so thrilled that Katie Kelly was going to be signing at Off The Page in Disney's California Adventure the very day we would be at Disneyland! We absolutely love her art and she is the most lovely lady!
We got to meet Chip & Dale! They didn't like the Donald pin that Jonas was wearing so they made him stand behind them for the picture!
We also got to pay a visit to the campus of Monsters University!
Two words...DOLE WHIP!!! This was the first one that Jonas ever had and the first one Lindsay had that should could remember, delicious pineapple tropical magic in a cup!!!
Lindsay and her best friend/little sister in the Fantasy Faire.
All hail the Princess Aurora!...or, Princess Kelsey! For her birthday we bought her this beautiful Sleeping Beauty crown from Etsy so she could Disney bound with us! Doesn't she look adorable?!
We headed to Downtown Disney to meet up with some Instagram friends, Michelle, Jasmine, and Jenny Rae! They are just as lovely, fun, and magical in person, if not more! It was such a pleasure meeting them and hanging out for a little bit!
We spent about 16 hours at the happiest place on earth and even though we could barely walk the next day, having a Disney hangover is the best kind you can have! We had an absolutely magical place at our favorite place on earth where dreams come true!
-Tales of Sheaves

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