September 2, 2014

Lindsay of Sheaves: My Fitness Journey

PLEASE NOTE: All of Lindsay's posts have been moved and updated on her new blog!
Hello everyone, Lindsay of Sheaves here! It's #TransformationTuesday and I don't think I've ever really talked about my fitness journey on social media so here it is! On our trip to California this spring we visited the Pee-wee's Big Adventure Cabazon Dinosaurs where my journey first began! It was December 2011, I had just gotten engaged in October and had spent a few months with Jonas in Sweden and I guess it's true sometimes what you hear that it's easy to gain weight when you're with the one you love because you spend a lot of time eating out or staying in and snacking and watching movies. Well, this totally happened to me, and even though I was never the skinniest of girls, I've always been curvy, I had gained more weight than wanted. Well then I came back to California and it was Christmas time (yep, more food and sweets!) and then my lovely friend Ashley (who is now a Jazzercise instructor in TX) was visiting CA close to new years and she stayed with me and my family a few nights and wanted to try out the local Jazzercise Corona Fitness Center. She invited me to go with her but I was too embarrassed to try a class like that. Ashley was my roommate in York, England and I would notice her exercising there and she always talked about how she missed her Jazzercise. My parents had done Jazzercise when I was a kid and I had a few foggy memories of doing some of the stretches with them at the end of class. But I never liked to work out ever since I got into punk and had my big colorful hair, and breaking a sweat and having to wash my hair more than necessary was something I wouldn't compromise for fitness, though I did enjoy walking for long periods of time. Well, Ashley & I LOVE Pee-wee Herman and we decided to go to Cabazon to pay the dinosaurs a visit! It was when I saw the picture of myself on the left I realized how far I'd let myself come. I saw an insecure and pudgy bride to be...I'm still not sure when or how I found the motivation within myself (besides wanting to look good in a wedding dress lol) to get over how silly I thought I'd look in an exercise class, but thankfully I found a few friends to go with me and just try it out! I regret that I never went with Ashley when she was visiting but it's never too late to start! It was uncomfortable in the beginning but I grew to love working out and seriously became addicted to Jazzercise, in the most healthy way possible! After the first month I not only saw myself change physically, but more importantly in my confidence of my self body image! When people commented that I had lost weight it helped fuel my fire to keep going and I walked down the aisle on my wedding day with my dress fitting like a dream and I was so proud of myself! I say all this because I hadn't been back to those dinosaurs until this spring and when I saw the picture of myself on the right (in my Pee-wee inspired outfit!) and I saw a confident woman who worked hard to finally love the body she's in! I knew I had to make a photo comparison and even though I didn't lose a ton of pounds (I'm actually not even sure how many I lost because I didn't go by a scale but by how I wanted to look) and the difference in the photos may not appear so extreme but I worked hard to become the best version of me and I can see just a difference in my over all tone and again most importantly in my self-esteem. Ever since moving to Sweden it's been really hard for me to maintain what I accomplished because it's been hard for me to find something I enjoy as much as Jazzercise (I miss it every day!) and even though I used that as an excuse for a while I did try out a gym here for a few months and that just isn't my thing, so mostly I've just been working out in our apartment to youtube videos which can be really frustrating sometimes. My fitness journey is something that's always evolving and that I have to work for and it hasn't been perfect! I've been lazy at points, my weight still fluctuates all the time, and I often don't eat the best but what's important is that eventually I find the will power within myself to go at it again. The most important thing I've learned from all of this that I want to share with you guys the best you that you can be! Physically and mentally, because the 2 are so connected that they can't help but effect each other. There's only 1 special you and your fitness journey will also be one of a kind! The important thing is to never give up on yourself <3
-Lindsay of Sheaves
P.S. This may sound like a plug for Jazzercise, and it is only in the fact that I love it there so much and would recommend it to anyone! Find your local class at and get REAL RESULTS!

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