September 8, 2014

Tallinn, Estonia: Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Trip

For our 1 year wedding anniversary in September 2013 we decided to take a trip on the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia!
We instantly fell in love with the beautiful medieval city as soon as we saw the beautiful old wall that surrounds the city with many fairy tale towers.
 Lindsay's anniversary outfit was inspired by our wedding colors black, gray, and orange as well as the medieval atmosphere of the beautiful city. Also, there were these amazing doors all over Tallinn!
We never got tired of the medieval city wall and towers.
Our wedding was on September 22, 2012 which is the first day of Fall (Autumn Equinox) as well as the official Hobbit 2013 our 1 year wedding anniversary landed on the first day of Fall again and we found this autumn leaf...autumn is always so closer to our hearts!
This wonky street with stairs was so charming.
It was so special to be in such a charming city with so many of our favorite things on our 1st anniversary!
How Rapunzel like are these enchanting old towers?!
One of our favorite things about Tallinn was the cute cafes and tasty restuarants! Thanks to doing some online research before our trip we had hear great reviews about Chocolaterie Pierre and we don't think the reviews did it justice.
This 1920s French style cafe nestled in an old cozy corner of town was the cutest cafe we've ever seen! We thought it was so quaint from the outside but fell in love the instant we walked inside and saw all the antique decorations and hearing the old jazz songs gave the place the perfect atmosphere! Also, best hot chocolate in the WORLD!
Olde Hansa is a medieval restaurant we had heard about year ago and even though we didn't have the pleasure to eat there we were welcomed to poke around inside.
We fell head over heels for all the beautiful wall paintings and medieval decorations. The staff was all in medieval attire and medieval folk music playing gave the restaurant the perfect atmosphere!
For our last meal in Tallinn we ate at the Estlander and got to experience traditional Estonian food and it was really beautiful inside.
This was a flyer for the Estlander with the expression "J├Ątku Leiba" on the back which means "May our bread always last" and we thought that was really nice.
Tallinn is really a hidden gem of Europe and we had a lovely little getaway for our 1st wedding anniversary and we hope you enjoy our video and photos from our trip! It's nearly 1 week until our 2 year anniversary and we'll be heading to Germany this time, so excited!!!
 -Tales of Sheaves


  1. I would love to go there :) Thank you for the recommendations ^_^
    The music in the video make me *nostalgic* about the trip I had to the Efteling themepark this summer. You would absolutely love it there! :D

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