October 26, 2014

Our Birthdays (October 2013)

IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! The last week of October will always be a very busy and fun week full of birthday celebrations and Halloween festivities! This is a video from our combined birthday day trip to Solna, Sweden to the Fjärilshuset/Haga Ocean (Butterfly House/Shark Tank) last year (October 2013).
The park area outside the butterfly house was full of autumn beauty!
The inside of the butterfly house was so warm and tropical feeling and full of so many pretty butterflies that fluttered about and would land on some people but they didn't seem to like us very much.
Then there were SHARKS! 
We didn't take that many photos so you can see more from our birthday outing by watching the video and we'll be vlogging our birthday adventures from this week as well so stay tuned!
-Tales of Sheaves

October 22, 2014

Snow White Outfit + Fairytale History (Lohr Am Main, Germany)

PLEASE NOTE: All of Lindsay's posts have been moved and updated on her new blog!

It is said that in every fairytale there is a drop of truth...
 Hello, Lindsay of Sheaves here! I'm excited to share a combined outfit & fairytale history post about one of my biggest inspirations...Snow White! Since I was a little girl and even into high school Snow White has always been the Disney princess I related to the most. I longed of finding true love and always found myself tossing a penny in a fountain and wishing that some day my prince would come. Snow White is indeed the fairest one of all and it is the highest of compliments to me when I am told I look like here (happens more often since I dyed my hair all black) but what I admire about her most is her purity of heart, her kind spirit, and how she always chooses to see the best in every situation and everyone. 
Since I'm a huge Snow White fan and fairytale fanatic I came across something online some years ago about a town in Germany called Lohr Am Main where they claim the Brothers Grimm got their real life inspiration from to write their fairytale, Schneewittchen! I of course added going to Lohr and seeing the museum in the castle to my bucket list and that dream came true this year for Jonas & my 2 year wedding anniversary trip! :D If you missed the vlogs from our trip you can watch part 1 HERE & part 2 HERE! I'd recommend watching part 2 especially along with this blog post because we start out that video with our time spent in Lohr! 
Before going to Lohr I did some reading on the real life Snow White and got a lot of great information from www.lohr.de and when we were there we got a pamphlet that summarized the key points to how historian and Lohr resident Dr. Karlheinz set to prove in 1986 that Snow White was and is a daughter of Lohr! 
This Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs silhouette sign is so beautiful and unique
1. Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina Freifräulein von Erthal was born June 19th 1725 in the Lohr castle and was the daughter of Baron Philipp Christoph Freiherr von Erthal who was in charge of the mirror and glass works of the Electorate of Mainz. 
Any Once Upon A Time fans?!? This blew my mind! Plus Maria's mother's name was Eva just like the queen/mother of Snow on the show!
2. The baron married twice and Maria's new step mother Claudia was considered to be domineering and unjust. 
3. The magic talking mirror from the fairytale was undoubtedly inspired by either the elaborate mirror given as a gift from the baron to Claudia that is now on display at the museum or by the reputation of the glassworks of Lohr that were known throughout Europe, that they were made so pure they always told the truth.
4. Maria actually was abandoned or had to flee into the woods for an uncertain reason into the Spessart forest region and "over the seven hills" as penned by the Brothers Grimm represents the 7 hills near Lohr. There is actually a Snow White hiking trail you can go on that follows the probable path she would have taken that ended in Bieber, a mining town.
5. There really were "dwarfs" living in the Spessart who were miners of short stature, bowed from physical labor or sometimes they were even children who worked in the mines.
6. The glass coffin and iron slippers are clear references to the glass works and iron forges of former times in the Spessart. 
Lohr is such a quaint little town with the most charming fairytale like buildings
 7. The Brothers Grimm lived near Hanau, Germany which is about an hour from Lohr and the brothers were born 13 months apart and 60 years after the real life Snow White so they would have certainly been familiar with the events of Lohr. 
Ok, so now for details on my outfit of the day in Lohr! When we finalized our Germany trip plans I KNEW I had to dress for the occasion when going to the real life Snow White town!!! People stared (I guess they aren't used to people Disney bounding outside of Disneyland?!) but what made my day was when a local older German man walking by stopped to say that I looked like Schneewittchen...Ultimate Snow White achievement UNLOCKED!
"Lips red as the rose, hair black as night, skin white as snow..." 
I wanted my outfit to a retro/vintage inspired look of the fairest one of all with my own flair of course. I wore a red rose headband, white vintage style shirt with black peter pan collar, red pencil skirt, and a Snow White & Prince Charming with a poisoned apple charm necklace I made. I'm really happy with how this outfit came out and I couldn't help but feel like a princess exploring Lohr with my prince and standing in the castle where the real Snow White grew up! It was a fairytale dream come true!
-Lindsay of Sheaves

October 19, 2014

Our Dream Come True Proposal (October 2011)

Hello, Lindsay of Sheaves here! I wanted to share with you all a very special day to us...today, October 19th!!! It was 3 years ago that Jonas totally surprised me within the first 24 hours I had landed in Sweden and proposed to me in a medieval church ruin with candles, a black diamond ring, and FIREWORKS, yes my man got me fireworks for the proposal!!! 
I was browsing our photos from the proposal and rediscovered a special audio file! Jonas had his friend & wife go to the church ruin ahead of us and set up candles and prepare the fireworks. Well Jonas' plan was to reach in his pocket and "call" his buddy so he could set off the first firework right when he was going to pop the question. He didn't hang up the phone and his friend didn't answer so it went to his voicemail and he somehow recorded it and sent it us, SO SPECIAL!!! We didn't have any photos or videos taken when Jonas actually proposed except this audio file so I thought it would be fun to make a video with the audio set to photos from our proposal and 2 sets of engagement photos. 
Due to the nature of the phone being in Jonas' pocket the audio is quite muffled and it's hard to hear much of what we are saying but you can at least hear me freaking out big time and making all kinds of girly noises!  Maybe you can help us make out what we were saying?!? Our memories aren't quite clear, I guess we were just so in the moment (plus I was distracted by the fireworks) that unfortunately we can't remember exactly how Jonas asked me to marry him. The few phrases I could hear were along the lines of "Ohmygosh" (a million times), "You tricked me!" (Jonas told me we were going to meet his sister and family at a camping place, good cover up for driving an hour to this location eh?), "How did you do this?!? Are you serious?!?" (I was blown away by how he had planned everything!), "Ok I'm going to cry now" (It wasn't until a few minutes after he proposed that it hit me!), and "I was so nervous!" (Aw, Jonas was worried I would catch onto his plan but thanks to my jetlag I was quite oblivious plus we were heading to a big music festival the next day in Norway!)
I also want to share what I had written on facebook of my account of Jonas' medieval dream proposal!: "After Jonas had led me into the church ruin entrance, I could see candle light flickering to the right...we walked in all the way and I could saw the most beautiful thing of my life!!! The medieval dream he had created for the proposal moment!!! I started freaking out, I had no idea he'd propose in less than 24 hours of me arriving back in Sweden!!! ahhh...he got down on one knee, in the candle light & the star light, asked "will you marry me?", and just as he opened the little black box I hear BOOM!!! and I look to my right, and through a broken down part of the church ruin, I see a FIREWORK!!! I looked back at Jonas still on one knee holding the ring, and then...BOOM!!! Another firework!!! Then ANOTHER!!! I kept looking back and forth at the fireworks and Jonas with the ring in the candle light!!! ahhhhhh the most thrilling moment of my life!!! Finally, I gained my sense enough to say YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and have Jonas help me put the ring on my finger!!! The clouds opened up above us and the stars were shining soooooooo bright!!! We just stood there and rejoiced that we are going to spend forever together!!!"
Below is a pumpkin he carved with two ravens & a bat that was lit up as we came back to have a little party with his family. He made the bat shaped cookies with our wedding date on it (the European way in case you were wondering)! 
Fun fact...we actually had already booked our wedding venue BEFORE Jonas proposed! In the summer of 2011 we first talked about wanting to get married and we thought September of the next year would be the perfect month, well I didn't waste much time searching for our dream wedding location and when I found Gold Mountain Manor in Big Bear, California online I fell in love, drove up there the next day, and booked it that week because it was all too perfect that they had September 22 open which was a Saturday and the first day of Fall! Jonas likes to say now that he was so relieved when he proposed because he knew I wasn't going to say no! Oh, of course I wouldn't have but I do think it's kind of funny how we already had the venue booked before we were officially engaged. You know what people say, when it's the right person you just know and all the pieces fall into place...true love really is magic!
Above is my beautiful antique inspired black diamond ring and a necklace I made for Jonas! It's the Love "Gebo" rune, it stands for "two positive forces joining together as one" linked with a chainmail ring...so he could wear a ring too ;) 
While I was in Sweden we had 2 engagement photo sessions with Jonas' brother! The first set was at "our runestone" a special place we've often gone to together.
The second set was at the castle in Jonas' hometown, it was a cold night in November but the full moon was beautiful and I love the mood of these photos.
Last Sunday we actually revisited our special church ruin! We were going to take some photos with a lovely model we met recently and did a collaboration with! She actually got married here in October 2008 and when we were talking about locations for the project she mentioned this church and I couldn't believe it, so it only seemed perfect that we'd meet there since it is a special place to all 4 of us!
Unfortunately it was raining like mad that day so we weren't able to do the photo shoot there but we took a few photos of the cute little church ruin surrounded by autumn beauty! This is how it must have looked the day we got engaged but it was so dark we didn't get to see it, so it was really special to see the church again especially in October! 
Well that is our tale of a medieval dream marriage proposal on an October day. If you liked this maybe you'd like to watch our dream come true wedding video & see some of our wedding photos!
-Tales of Sheaves

October 18, 2014

Germany Trip: Part 2

 For our 2 year wedding anniversary we got to take our dream come true trip to GERMANY!!! It was really a fairytale vacation because every town we visited had some sort of fairytale history to it. We went to Bremen, Rothenburg, and Lohr am Main and since we had a rental car we got to enjoy so much of the beautiful countryside. This blog will consist of our time in Lohr am Main and our last day in Bremen on our 2 year wedding anniversary! Don't forget to check out part 1 video & blog if you haven't already that shows the first half of our trip in Bremen and a full day in Rothenburg. We hope you enjoy the video and pictures we got to take with our new amazing camera, it was such a blessing to have it to capture our dream come true trip!
-Tales of Sheaves
First stop on part 2 of our trip was to Lohr am Main, a small town nestled in the Spessart forest and next to the Main river. 
The reason we came here was because we had hear about the Spessart Museum with a section devoted to Snow White. The people of Lohr claim that their town was the real life inspiration for the Brothers Grimm fairytale.

There was a young baroness named Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina von Erthal who lived in this castle with her father and evil stepmother.
We will be doing a more extensive blog soon on their claims because we actually were convinced that we were standing in the real life Snow White castle! It was so exciting to be standing in part of a real life fairytale!!!
The most exciting and visible proof is this real life talking MAGIC MIRROR! Ok, it didn't actually speak but it was in fact a gift from the baron to his second wife.
Lohr was known for their exquisite mirrors that were made so pure that they always told the truth...
This castle on the edge of the town is already fairytale like enough in it's self but it was so thrilling to imagine the real life Snow White and her family living here!!!
Exploring the quaint main street in Lohr, it was raining a lot so we retreated for dinner but how cute are these half-timbered houses?!
We couldn't leave Germany without having a meal with schnitzel, fries, and a pretzel!
We had to go into Rothenburg one last time before heading to Bremen the next day! It is equally charming by day as by night but there's something special about the empty streets and lights that make Rothenburg absolutely picturesque...
Our last full day in Germany was our 2 year wedding anniversary which we spent wandering around the Schnoor Quarter which is an absolutely charming little old town area of Bremen with tiny alley ways, quaint shops, cobblestone streets, and the tiniest little houses!
A Germany fairytale dream...
We dressed up fancy of course for our anniversary and found the cutest cafe to have fika at together!
Cafe Tölke was everything we could have dreamed for have an apple strudel with ice cream and a black forest cherry pie. It had the most beautiful Victorian interior and we felt absolutely fancy having fika here!
Who needs a random stranger to take a photo you when you can prop your new fancy camera with a flip up screen on a stairway?! ;)
We knew we had to get some good photos of us on our actual wedding anniversary day and we thought this square in Bremen did just the trick!
This trip was everything we could have dreamed of and MORE to celebrate being married 2 years and the true love that we are so blessed to have. Just as our wedding rings say, we want to say to you...Always remember that...DREAMS COME TRUE!

October 10, 2014

Germany Trip: Part 1

For our 2 year wedding anniversary we got to take our dream come true trip to GERMANY!!! It was really a fairytale vacation because every town we visited had some sort of fairytale history to it. We went to Bremen, Rothenburg, and Lohr am Main and since we had a rental car we got to enjoy so much of the beautiful countryside. This blog will consist of our time in Bremen when we arrived and Rothenburg! Stay tuned for part 2 video & blog that will start with our visit to the real life Snow White town, Lohr am Main and our time in Bremen again before we left. We hope you enjoy the video and pictures we got to take with our new amazing camera, it was such a blessing to have it to capture our dream come true trip!
-Tales of Sheaves
The Bremen Town Musicians statue in Bremen dedicated to the Brothers Grimm fairytale
 St. Petri Dom Cathedral
 Our first full day in German and we explored Bremen again by day before driving to Rothenburg
 Beautiful stained glass in the St. Petri Dom Cathedral
 Such beautiful architecture every which way you turn!
Beautiful scenery by the river and windmill
We arrived in Rothenburg late at night and simply had to take a peek at the quaint city and it was seriously the most charming and magical place we've ever seen! At first we were apprehensive to "spoil the magic" by poking around that night when we knew we'd spend a full day there the next day but we are actually so glad we did because the streets were free of crowds and it was so quiet and such a special moment that we shared together that we really had arrived in Rothenburg, a place we'd dreamed of going to...and it absolutely felt like we had stepped straight into another time, into a fairytale...
Our first full day in Rothenburg was a DREAM! The weather was gorgeous and the streets not as crowded as we had anticipated. We had the time of our lives exploring the town and nearly leaving no corner or alley way unturned, we wanted to see it ALL!

Portals into the fairytale kingdom of Rothenburg
 This picture below is our of our absolute favorites. Talk about a half-timbered medieval dream and nestled in the forest to boot!
 The medieval wall completely surrounds the city. There is something so special about being inside the stone walls of medieval fortress and we've been blessed to see a few (York, Visby, Tallinn) but what's even more special than that is actually being able to WALK on and around the whole city on the wall! This one was especially unique and fun since it is covered and had so many interesting directions it went and some amazing towers and turrets as well.
Half-timbered fairytale house heaven!!! We seriously never got tired of looking at all the quaint buildings like this
 "Schneeballen" or "snow balls" is a pastry special to Rothenburg, they were delicious!
 Mandatory German cuckoo clock photo
 We are particularly proud of this photo below!
 Refreshing ice cream served to you right through the window
Behold the beauty of the castle gardens...
 This is by far the most breath-taking view we've ever had the pleasure of laying our eyes on! Rothenburg ob der Tauber literally means red forterss above the Tauber and from this vantage point you can certainly see that the name suits it perfectly! We stood here for a long time just taking in the beauty, watching a horse carriage ride across the little bridge, and trying to spot all the tiny cottages nestled in the valley among the trees *sigh* this is the stuff dreams and fairytales are made of!
 The gardens were absolutely stunning with the autumn ivy, statues, and beautiful flowers. It was a perfect place to take a break from the crowds and really take in the beauty.
 This entrance through the wall from the castle gardens back into Rothenburg was especially grand!
 This is our favorite photo of us together from our trip that a very kind stranger offered to took for us!
And now for the pictures of our LIVES, the ones we'd always dreamed of having, standing in this iconic spot of Plönlein (little square). 
 Guys, can you believe we got to really be here?!? DREAMS COME TRUE!!!
 It really was too cute to be real and it's so easy to see why the Swedish concept artist for Disney, Gustaf Tenggren, was heavily influenced in his concept art for the village in Pinocchio! We completely felt like Geppetto and his little wooden head would appear at any moment!
It started getting late and about time for dinner but we since it started to rain a bit we took the most natural and reasonable option of walking on the wall since it was sheltered from the rain and we saw the most beautiful sunset, found even more adorable buildings, and eventually found the perfect cozy old pub to eat dinner...it was well and truly a picture perfect dream come true day to remember forever!!!