October 10, 2014

Germany Trip: Part 1

For our 2 year wedding anniversary we got to take our dream come true trip to GERMANY!!! It was really a fairytale vacation because every town we visited had some sort of fairytale history to it. We went to Bremen, Rothenburg, and Lohr am Main and since we had a rental car we got to enjoy so much of the beautiful countryside. This blog will consist of our time in Bremen when we arrived and Rothenburg! Stay tuned for part 2 video & blog that will start with our visit to the real life Snow White town, Lohr am Main and our time in Bremen again before we left. We hope you enjoy the video and pictures we got to take with our new amazing camera, it was such a blessing to have it to capture our dream come true trip!
-Tales of Sheaves
The Bremen Town Musicians statue in Bremen dedicated to the Brothers Grimm fairytale
 St. Petri Dom Cathedral
 Our first full day in German and we explored Bremen again by day before driving to Rothenburg
 Beautiful stained glass in the St. Petri Dom Cathedral
 Such beautiful architecture every which way you turn!
Beautiful scenery by the river and windmill
We arrived in Rothenburg late at night and simply had to take a peek at the quaint city and it was seriously the most charming and magical place we've ever seen! At first we were apprehensive to "spoil the magic" by poking around that night when we knew we'd spend a full day there the next day but we are actually so glad we did because the streets were free of crowds and it was so quiet and such a special moment that we shared together that we really had arrived in Rothenburg, a place we'd dreamed of going to...and it absolutely felt like we had stepped straight into another time, into a fairytale...
Our first full day in Rothenburg was a DREAM! The weather was gorgeous and the streets not as crowded as we had anticipated. We had the time of our lives exploring the town and nearly leaving no corner or alley way unturned, we wanted to see it ALL!

Portals into the fairytale kingdom of Rothenburg
 This picture below is our of our absolute favorites. Talk about a half-timbered medieval dream and nestled in the forest to boot!
 The medieval wall completely surrounds the city. There is something so special about being inside the stone walls of medieval fortress and we've been blessed to see a few (York, Visby, Tallinn) but what's even more special than that is actually being able to WALK on and around the whole city on the wall! This one was especially unique and fun since it is covered and had so many interesting directions it went and some amazing towers and turrets as well.
Half-timbered fairytale house heaven!!! We seriously never got tired of looking at all the quaint buildings like this
 "Schneeballen" or "snow balls" is a pastry special to Rothenburg, they were delicious!
 Mandatory German cuckoo clock photo
 We are particularly proud of this photo below!
 Refreshing ice cream served to you right through the window
Behold the beauty of the castle gardens...
 This is by far the most breath-taking view we've ever had the pleasure of laying our eyes on! Rothenburg ob der Tauber literally means red forterss above the Tauber and from this vantage point you can certainly see that the name suits it perfectly! We stood here for a long time just taking in the beauty, watching a horse carriage ride across the little bridge, and trying to spot all the tiny cottages nestled in the valley among the trees *sigh* this is the stuff dreams and fairytales are made of!
 The gardens were absolutely stunning with the autumn ivy, statues, and beautiful flowers. It was a perfect place to take a break from the crowds and really take in the beauty.
 This entrance through the wall from the castle gardens back into Rothenburg was especially grand!
 This is our favorite photo of us together from our trip that a very kind stranger offered to took for us!
And now for the pictures of our LIVES, the ones we'd always dreamed of having, standing in this iconic spot of Plönlein (little square). 
 Guys, can you believe we got to really be here?!? DREAMS COME TRUE!!!
 It really was too cute to be real and it's so easy to see why the Swedish concept artist for Disney, Gustaf Tenggren, was heavily influenced in his concept art for the village in Pinocchio! We completely felt like Geppetto and his little wooden head would appear at any moment!
It started getting late and about time for dinner but we since it started to rain a bit we took the most natural and reasonable option of walking on the wall since it was sheltered from the rain and we saw the most beautiful sunset, found even more adorable buildings, and eventually found the perfect cozy old pub to eat dinner...it was well and truly a picture perfect dream come true day to remember forever!!!


  1. You are hilariously cute! Just as these places! I can totally relate to the feeling! :D I was just like this when I was at the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest this summer. And at Efteling in Netherlands! Gaahh! I need to add these places to my bucketlist as well :o

    1. Thank you! Traveling is the best right?!

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