October 18, 2014

Germany Trip: Part 2

 For our 2 year wedding anniversary we got to take our dream come true trip to GERMANY!!! It was really a fairytale vacation because every town we visited had some sort of fairytale history to it. We went to Bremen, Rothenburg, and Lohr am Main and since we had a rental car we got to enjoy so much of the beautiful countryside. This blog will consist of our time in Lohr am Main and our last day in Bremen on our 2 year wedding anniversary! Don't forget to check out part 1 video & blog if you haven't already that shows the first half of our trip in Bremen and a full day in Rothenburg. We hope you enjoy the video and pictures we got to take with our new amazing camera, it was such a blessing to have it to capture our dream come true trip!
-Tales of Sheaves
First stop on part 2 of our trip was to Lohr am Main, a small town nestled in the Spessart forest and next to the Main river. 
The reason we came here was because we had hear about the Spessart Museum with a section devoted to Snow White. The people of Lohr claim that their town was the real life inspiration for the Brothers Grimm fairytale.

There was a young baroness named Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina von Erthal who lived in this castle with her father and evil stepmother.
We will be doing a more extensive blog soon on their claims because we actually were convinced that we were standing in the real life Snow White castle! It was so exciting to be standing in part of a real life fairytale!!!
The most exciting and visible proof is this real life talking MAGIC MIRROR! Ok, it didn't actually speak but it was in fact a gift from the baron to his second wife.
Lohr was known for their exquisite mirrors that were made so pure that they always told the truth...
This castle on the edge of the town is already fairytale like enough in it's self but it was so thrilling to imagine the real life Snow White and her family living here!!!
Exploring the quaint main street in Lohr, it was raining a lot so we retreated for dinner but how cute are these half-timbered houses?!
We couldn't leave Germany without having a meal with schnitzel, fries, and a pretzel!
We had to go into Rothenburg one last time before heading to Bremen the next day! It is equally charming by day as by night but there's something special about the empty streets and lights that make Rothenburg absolutely picturesque...
Our last full day in Germany was our 2 year wedding anniversary which we spent wandering around the Schnoor Quarter which is an absolutely charming little old town area of Bremen with tiny alley ways, quaint shops, cobblestone streets, and the tiniest little houses!
A Germany fairytale dream...
We dressed up fancy of course for our anniversary and found the cutest cafe to have fika at together!
Cafe Tölke was everything we could have dreamed for have an apple strudel with ice cream and a black forest cherry pie. It had the most beautiful Victorian interior and we felt absolutely fancy having fika here!
Who needs a random stranger to take a photo you when you can prop your new fancy camera with a flip up screen on a stairway?! ;)
We knew we had to get some good photos of us on our actual wedding anniversary day and we thought this square in Bremen did just the trick!
This trip was everything we could have dreamed of and MORE to celebrate being married 2 years and the true love that we are so blessed to have. Just as our wedding rings say, we want to say to you...Always remember that...DREAMS COME TRUE!


  1. I am so happy for you, and that you got to see and visit these adorable towns for your anniversary! :D *squee*

    1. Thank you so much, it was a dream trip! :D