October 1, 2014

Husband & Wife Wedding Anniversary Outfits

For our wedding anniversary we took a dream vacation to Germany to celebrate 2 years of marriage! In the fairytale town of Rothenburg we were completely captivated by the beauty and breathtaking view of the castle gardens where we took this husband & wife anniversary outfits video. Lindsay wore a peplum top with black & white designs, silhouette necklace, red rose vintage brooch hair clip, and a classic pencil skirt for an elegant gothic look. Jonas wore a brown vest, brass buttoned shirt, pocket watch, and cravat for a Neo-Victorian/steampunk look. Who says you can't be a tourist in style, we felt classy and comfortable at the same time plus we will always look dapper in the photos from our trip! Stay tuned for more videos & pictures of our Germany adventure!
-Tales of Sheaves

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