November 28, 2014

Our Birthdays (October 2014)

If you like Disney art, comics, and vintage memorabilia as much as we do then we hope you liked following us around in our birthday vlog at the Lasse Åbergs Museum in Bålsta, Sweden!
For our combined birthday fun (our birthdays are 2 days apart at the end of October!) we decided to go to this awesome museum in the day and for lunch, then to Gamla Stan (Old Town) Stockholm at night!
Lasse Åberg is a Swede of many talents and passions! He's probably most famous for his comedies but he's also a musician, artist, and film director.
He's quite the Disney fan that's completely visible in his extensive collection of Disney memorabilia that includes loads of vintage toys, original film cells, original art, comics, and signed art.
He has a very amazing collection and we liked how his own Disney style art was spread out in the museum.
We had never seen so many of Walt Disney's original signatures in person, it was a surprised to find such a treasure in Sweden!
Jonas and one of his favorite childhood characters, Kalle Anka (Donald Duck)! Actually in Sweden, Donald is much more popular with kids than Mickey for some reason.
The museum had a great mix of vintage Disney memorabilia from both America and Sweden, it was charming to see some of the really old posters.
As the Disney nerds that we are, we give this place a big 2 THUMBS UP!
Lindsay's birthday outfit of the day
Our next stop was to our favorite cafe in Gamla Stan, Stockholm!
Cafe Sten Sture is a charming underground cafe that originally was a prison in the 1300s!
There are a few little nooks that you can eat in that used to be prison cells.
It might sound a bit morbid, but for some reason the place doesn't feel depressing or scary but rather cozy, has loads of charm, great staff, amazing fika, and they are always playing the best music that gives a great medieval fantasy atmosphere.
Of course we had to take some pictures in Stortorget (The Big Square) which is one of the most charming places in Gamla Stan.
Christmas lights were up on the charming streets at the end of October already!
We love this huge tree growing in the middle of where 2 streets connect.
Mårten Trotzigs Gränd is the most narrow alleyway street in Stockholm and from the perspective of this lantern it's easy to see just how narrow it is!
Lindsay showing off her new winter coat, why not take advantage of a photo op on these narrow old streets?!
 We had been to Gamla Stan several times together before but we wanted our birthday day trip to be a sort of "daycation/staycation" if you will. When you have grown up or live somewhere with a lot of history and old buildings sadly sometimes you can become accustomed to it and forget how unique and charming it really is.
Now with our new camera more than ever we want to change our mindset and take advantage of the beauty and history all around us even when we aren't on vacation. All it takes is some research online to find loads of old towns, castle, ruins, and cute cafes that makes for a great day out and you only had to go an hour or two! So we encourage you to take your camera, head out on an adventure, and play the tourist even in your own country! Have you ever gone on a staycation? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!
-Tales of Sheaves

November 23, 2014

We Are Sheaves

Sheaves...have you ever wondered what that means and why we chose it as our name? On a beautiful late summer day in Sweden we set out with a basket full of produce and a sickle to take some photos/videos in a field of golden wheat to try to capture the essence of Sheaves. 
First of all, sheaves are bundles of grain, reaped and bound together at harvest time when summer is giving way to autumn. Farmers have done this in different ways over the years but we are most fond of the old-fashioned way of tying the crops up in a bundle around the middle. 
It was Psalm 126: 5-6 that gave us the inspiration for our name and meaning behind it. 
"Those who sow in tears
Shall reap in joy.
He who continually goes forth weeping,
Bearing seed for sowing,
Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing,
Bringing his sheaves with him."
These verses resonated so deeply in us because we saw so much symbolism and truth from this in our lives. 
 To us, Sheaves is a symbol of the harvest of sowing, hoping, weeping, rejoicing, and the reaping of dreaming. 
Think of a farmers life...planting seeds with hard labor, hoping for a good season, weeping when things don't go as expected, but rejoicing when the crop is ready for harvest. To us, that is HOPE. That is DREAMING. That is LIFE. That is SHEAVES! 
 Just like the verses say that those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. Essentially our tears, hardships, and trials are the tears that water our "seeds" that will one day blossom into a harvest of rejoicing. Often in the midst of our struggles it's hard to see a reason for it, it's hard to find the hope. 
But also so often we can look back at our hard times during a season of rejoicing and see the good fruit of our hard labors...and oh how much sweeter the fruit is then! Sheaves is the fulfillment and rejoicing after hard times.
We like to see life as a fairytale...Somewhere between "Once upon a time" and "happily ever after" is always a series of trials, sadness, and loss. Every good story needs times of darkness to truly appreciate the light. So never give up or lose hope and always keep believing that dreams come true!
We chose "Tales of Sheaves" as the name for the endeavors and adventures of our journeys together through life as husband and wife. Whether that be our dreams, passions, creativity, inspiration, expression, influences, beliefs, art, music, travels, or our everyday life.
We love using the platforms of YouTube, Blogger, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, to share in different ways all the things that make up US and tell the stories or our dreams coming true! So come along with us on our journeys and we will tell your our tales...
We hope that this helped give you a better understand of the meaning behind our name and why we call ourselves Jonas & Lindsay of Sheaves. 
We hope this encourages you to find the joy in your life and please share with us stories of your "moments of sheaves" when you were able to look back and see that the hard times were all for a greater reason!
-Tales of Sheaves

November 19, 2014

Lindsay of Sheaves: Fall Lookbook

PLEASE NOTE: All of Lindsay's posts have been moved and updated on her new blog!
Hello there, Lindsay of Sheaves here! Autumn is my absolute favorite season and the best time of year to show off my gothy style (though to me everyday is Halloween!) so I'm very thrilled to be sharing my Fall lookbook video, photos, and outfit details! I want to say a huge thank you to my wonderful husband who helped me with this lookbook and I couldn't be more pleased with the 3 locations we found (Nynäs Slott, Stjärnholms Slott, & Runnviken) that fit each outfit so perfectly! If you fancied any of the items I wore you maybe be able to find it for yourself in the outfit details below! *Warning: I buy a lot of things on eBay because for me it has been hard to find clothing in my style or at an affordable price in Sweden* 

I hope you enjoyed watching my Fall lookbook video, would you like to see me do a winter one?

If you liked these outfits feel free to follow me on for more outfits & fashion inspiration!
Outfit 1: I think this outfit came together quite nicely with my every present goth style mixed with some edgy Victorian influences but I think the autumn ivy behind me wins best dressed!
-Ruffle dress: Ross
-Bat earrings & necklace: I bought these ages ago during Halloween time
-Black & white vertical striped leggings: eBay
-Victorian boots: eBay (Funtasma)
Outfit 2: This look is simply but so perfect for fall because who doesn't love wearing plaid or gingham prints in the fall!
-Gingham dress: Thrifted-I really scored finding this dress and the best part is...POCKETS!
-Owl necklace:
-Boots: Kohl's
 The expansion of leaves on this property is unreal, so beautiful!
Outfit 3: Personally, I think this is my favorite look and if you hadn't noticed already was inspired by miss Wednesday Addams herself!
-Wednesday Addams style dress: Forever 21
-Spider & flower hair clips: DIY (If anyone is interested I was thinking of selling some of these)
-Black & purple striped tights: A gift
-Bat necklace: I bought ages ago
-Spider bracelet: Claire's
-Pumpkin earrings:
-Victorian boots: Funtasma
-Jack-o'-lantern balloons: Optional
I know it's not fair to the other 2 outfits but look 3 got waaay more photos then the rest and that mostly due to the location. A fun little story about that...
My husband & I had tried to film this look but kept getting postponed because of the weather and I was getting frustrated because I wanted to film while the leaves were still around. Plus, we had already had our 1st snowfall and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get that spooky feeling I wanted for this look even though the snow didn't stay on the ground long but it was getting into November. 
Well, we found out that a local Mansion/B&B/Spa was having a "ljusfest" and it sounded like a wonderful thing to do in cold, dark, rainy November to go to a craft fair in a greenhouse lit up with candles and fairylights. I thought this was our last chance to film this last outfit to complete the lookbook and I looked online to find photos of the location but it was really hard to get an idea of what it looked like there. 
When we arrived at Runnviken I couldn't have been more surprised to find that it was absolutely PERFECT for my Wednesday Addams inspired outfit! There were leaves all spread about the ground, bare trees on a long driveway, twisted vines all along the staircase up to the mansion, creepy statues in the garden, a Victorian bird cage nestled in a bush, and even a a spooky secret entrance into the mansion (that I didn't dare continue into!).  
The more we explored the grounds the more I couldn't believe how blessed we were to find this totally Addams Family-esque mansion and it's the little magical moments like that in life that I don't want to take for granted but cherish them since for me it's these kinds of moments that add up to a lifetime of adventure!
Which was your favorite outfit, comment below! I'd love to hear what you think!
 -Lindsay of Sheaves