November 23, 2014

We Are Sheaves

Sheaves...have you ever wondered what that means and why we chose it as our name? On a beautiful late summer day in Sweden we set out with a basket full of produce and a sickle to take some photos/videos in a field of golden wheat to try to capture the essence of Sheaves. 
First of all, sheaves are bundles of grain, reaped and bound together at harvest time when summer is giving way to autumn. Farmers have done this in different ways over the years but we are most fond of the old-fashioned way of tying the crops up in a bundle around the middle. 
It was Psalm 126: 5-6 that gave us the inspiration for our name and meaning behind it. 
"Those who sow in tears
Shall reap in joy.
He who continually goes forth weeping,
Bearing seed for sowing,
Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing,
Bringing his sheaves with him."
These verses resonated so deeply in us because we saw so much symbolism and truth from this in our lives. 
 To us, Sheaves is a symbol of the harvest of sowing, hoping, weeping, rejoicing, and the reaping of dreaming. 
Think of a farmers life...planting seeds with hard labor, hoping for a good season, weeping when things don't go as expected, but rejoicing when the crop is ready for harvest. To us, that is HOPE. That is DREAMING. That is LIFE. That is SHEAVES! 
 Just like the verses say that those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. Essentially our tears, hardships, and trials are the tears that water our "seeds" that will one day blossom into a harvest of rejoicing. Often in the midst of our struggles it's hard to see a reason for it, it's hard to find the hope. 
But also so often we can look back at our hard times during a season of rejoicing and see the good fruit of our hard labors...and oh how much sweeter the fruit is then! Sheaves is the fulfillment and rejoicing after hard times.
We like to see life as a fairytale...Somewhere between "Once upon a time" and "happily ever after" is always a series of trials, sadness, and loss. Every good story needs times of darkness to truly appreciate the light. So never give up or lose hope and always keep believing that dreams come true!
We chose "Tales of Sheaves" as the name for the endeavors and adventures of our journeys together through life as husband and wife. Whether that be our dreams, passions, creativity, inspiration, expression, influences, beliefs, art, music, travels, or our everyday life.
We love using the platforms of YouTube, Blogger, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, to share in different ways all the things that make up US and tell the stories or our dreams coming true! So come along with us on our journeys and we will tell your our tales...
We hope that this helped give you a better understand of the meaning behind our name and why we call ourselves Jonas & Lindsay of Sheaves. 
We hope this encourages you to find the joy in your life and please share with us stories of your "moments of sheaves" when you were able to look back and see that the hard times were all for a greater reason!
-Tales of Sheaves


  1. Magical and inspiring post! I really think this is so encouraging and inspiring to find people who seek magic in our everyday lives. It's so sad how people often let that slip through their hands...
    Please keep sharing your stories with us!
    Isabelle (aka guineveresdreamcirclets on IG)

    1. Hi Isabelle! Thanks so much for reading and I really love what you had to say, it is so important to seek the magic in every day life! Isn't that what makes life so special? -Lindsay

  2. I love this! The photos are amazing, probably your best yet! :) Your outfits are perfect, and you really suit those pale and earthy colors! <3

    Nice to get to know your name better too, as I've been wondering about it ^_^

  3. I get it now!!! lol Very nice. If all life was as simple as this it would be great.

  4. You are both so creative and introspective...this is very nice. Thank You for sharing it. Love you !

  5. This is awesome. I came here because of reading the Book of Ruth. I encountered the word "Sheaves" in Ruth 2:15. This word and post also made me reflect in my life the struggles I have encountered and encountering but also gives me hope and inspiration. Thanks for your Sheaves and I will share this with my family.