December 13, 2014

MARRIED LIFE: 2 Years & Counting

This fall we suddenly got the idea to do a wedding anniversary photo/video series inspired by Disney/Pixar's UP! We have embarked on a lifelong project where once a year we will add a balloon to represent each year of our marriage and take them to a place that was special to us that year. 
"Up" is a special love story and most people think of the movie as sad because it makes them cry within the first 5 minutes, which is true, but we see it as a beautiful story of love and life, the UPS and the downs and all the special moments in between.
2013 was our first full year of married life and also our first year living in Sweden together. We chose "our runestone" as the first location for this project and to represent the first year of our marriage because we went there several times during the seasons to take photos and is also the spot where we went together for picnics even before we lived in Sweden together.
If you are a little confused what a runestone is let us explain. They come from the Viking age and typically are raised stones with runic inscriptions and Nordic designs which usually were made as a  memorial to a dead family member. So yeah, basically they are just really cool ancient looking viking gravestones with rune writing that we have always been fascinated by, call us weird (we know we are)! You can find them scattered over Scandinavia but this one has always been special to us because it's off the beaten path and always feels so special and private somehow. 
Confession time: Our 2013 photos were actually done in the same month as the 2014 photos/video! We only came up with the idea this year so we recreated the outfits we wore on our 1 year wedding anniversary trip to Tallinn, Estonia. 
In 2014 we spent a lot of time at Nynäs Slott for Walpurgis Night, Lindsay's Summer lookbook, and just to go there for fika and fun. It's a beautiful old mansion with gorgeous gardens in the summer and has the nicest cafe in an old orangery. We wore a similar version of the clothes we had for the photo shoot we did on a Dappsy papermoon in California this spring, which was a dream come true for us! 
We realize the balloon Lindsay is holding looks pink but it was actually orange! It's kind of funny though because a few people thought we were expecting and this was our way of doing a baby announcement/gender reveal, but nope! Just representing 2 years of marriage and didn't realize until after we were home and looking at the video footage that it looked like a blue and pink balloons! Oops!
We are really excited about doing this lifelong project and think it will be a beautiful way of showing our "married life" through the years! Just like Carl & Ellie in the movie "Up" we love living this lifetime of adventure together wherever that may take us and it's thrilling to think that right now we have no idea where we will take the photos/videos in the coming years but that's all part of the fun in living this adventure together! Imagine what this project will look like in 25 years...and imagine with 50 balloons! 
We just want to leave you with part of the lyrics to the song "The Spirit of Adventure" from "Up" that we love!
"Adventure is out there, it’s heading our way
So grab your scarf and goggles, let’s fly!
I’ve mapped out our journey, we’re up here to stay
A sunset is our home
A moonbeam we will own
My Spirit of Adventure is you!"


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  2. What an awesome idea! I'm looking forward to see the UPcoming photos. :) (I love that movie.)