December 5, 2014

Our Halloween Weekend

Our Halloween weekend in Sweden 2014 consisted of going to a graveyard and placing candles on family graves for All Saints Day/Alla Helgons Day, walking in the Shockholm Parade through Gamla Stan, Stockholm, and enjoying some live medieval folk music by Poeta Magica at a viking style restaurant called Aifur!
 On Halloween night we went to the graveyard and placed candles on family graves as is tradition in Sweden for All Saints Day/Alla Helgons Dag. It's a wonderful tradition and it's so peaceful and beautiful with thousands of candles lighting up the graveyard.
HALLOWEEN!!! Oh, we love this holiday but sadly isn't a celebrated holiday in Sweden BUT it  has started gaining some popularity in Sweden in recent years. 
We found out that there was a Halloween event going on in Stockholm the week leading up to Halloween weekend.
We joined in the Shockholm Halloween Parade where we and a lot of others dressed as vampires, werewolfs, and ghouls took an hour long stroll starting at Kungsträdgården and through Gamla Stan and back to the stage where it started.
It was really fun even though I think a lot of onlookers thought we were an odd group of tourists or something but we were at least happy to participate and experience some Halloween cheer in Sweden!
Lindsay's outfit and bat mask outfit for the parade!
A few days before the parade we found out that one of our favorite medieval folk bands was going to be playing at Aifur, a viking style restaurant in Gamla Stan, Stockholm!
This place is the most epic and perfect setting for live folk music and we were SO happy to finally see Poeta Magica play since we've always managed to miss them whenever they were on tour.
If you're ever in Stockholm we really recommend going to Aifur! While it is on the pricey side their food is so delicious and unique but this night we didn't eat there.
Guests are more than welcome to enjoy the ambiance and live music from the bar area and when a waiter saw that we were watching the band and had a free table open downstairs he said we could sit there, we thought that was amazing customer service!
We just can't enough of all the amazing details and amazing atmosphere in this place, like a step back in time! Would you eat at a place like this?
Do you love Halloween like we do? If so, tell us how you celebrated this year!
-Tales of Sheaves


  1. I've wanted to go to Aifur for a long time, it seems like the coolest place to eat and listen to music. I hope I can go there sometime soon. :)