January 27, 2015

Lady Poinsettia of the Winter Woods

PLEASE NOTE: All of Lindsay's posts have been moved and updated on her new blog!
'Twas the end of December and snow had made its first entrance...and what an entrance! Suddenly the land was covered in white and crystals sparkled in the air...this could only mean one thing to us...PHOTO ADVENTURE! Lindsay had been wanting to do some photos inspired by this lovely art by Angela R. Sasser entitled "Holiday Nouveau" for quite some time so we jumped at the opportunity! Our excitement must have clouded our judgement that going out in -12C/10F was a good idea. Unfortunately, it was so cold that Lindsay's eyes started to water uncontrollably and her hands were so cold they burned so we were only able to grab a few decent shots. We hope that the few who made it to the editing process were worth it and are at least happy to have paid a small tribute to this wonderful piece of art that so inspires us!
-Tales of Sheaves

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