February 20, 2015

Once Upon a Winter's Day

 Come once upon a winter's day with us...
...snowball fights, building a snowman, and making snow lanterns!
We sure had a blast playing in the snow and bringing out snowman friend to life! We visited him 2 weeks later to find him like THIS! It was such a funny yet sad sight to see! The temps had been raising a bit and he "lost some weight" as you can see by the loose hanging scarf. His carrot nose fell to the ground below and somehow his hat managed to be buried under some snow a few feet away. Poor snow man friend!
Have you ever made a snow lantern? Fun story...On Lindsay's first trip to Finland a friend showed her how to make these and it was also on that same trip that she met another friend who later introduced her to Jonas!
And now here we are making snow lanterns together! Did you have fun playing in the snow this winter?
-Tales of Sheaves

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