February 20, 2015

Winter Fun on Djurgården

In the beginning of February we had an appointment in Stockholm early in the morning and a lot of time left in the day afterwards...what did we decide to do?

 It's an island and city park in the heart of Stockholm. While it's most known for being a little green oasis in the summer, it was absolutely enchanting covered in snow!
 The island is home to many wonderful museums such as Skansen, The Abba Museum, and the Nordic Museum; those would be nice to visit another time.
The magestic Nordiska Museet
  Spur of the moment we decided to visit the Vasa Ship Museum!
 Jonas had actually never seen it in person before though every Swede knows the tragic history.
 In a nutshell: The Vasa Ship is known for being an EPIC FAIL! It was going to be the Swedish navy's grandest warship in a time of much combat in the 1600s but unfortunately it sank on its maiden voyage in the Stockholm harbor.
 It's a mystery to why it actually sank but there are many interesting theories. It lay in it's watery grave for 333 years until in the 1960s it was resurrected and reconstructed with 95% original material and is now the only 17th century ship on display in the world. So even though it was a fail, it sort of worked out in the end, at least for us tourists.
 The ship was ornately carved and would have been brightly painted. The lion carvings were designed and placed on the inside of the canon portals so when opened during combat would intimate the enemy.
 Next we went through this portal into a winter wonderland...
 ...and found fairytale houses.
The snow was so freshly fallen that everything was untouched and purely magical. There was a peace and stillness in the air. 
 We had researched before hand about a cafe, plant shop, and bakery on Djurgården called Rosendals Trädgård. Covered in fairy lights and icicles, this cafe was absolutely quaint in an old greenhouse and the fika was delicious. 
The grounds also had an orangery...
...and a castle! Both not open for the season but pretty in the snow none the less.
 We are very proud of this "pinterest perfect" photo below! Which by the way, we always pin to ours at www.pinterest.com/talesofsheaves or feel free to pin directly from here on the blog!
We hope you enjoyed the video & photos of our day of winter fun on Djurgården! Would you want to visit a place like this?
-Tales of Sheaves

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