March 7, 2015

February 2015

Can you believe it's March already? Usually those last months of winter tend to drag on but we were surprisingly busy this February and we aren't complaining because we have lots of new and exciting things happening we can't wait to tell you about!
The first days of February brought a fresh batch of snow delivered to us and the ground hog predicted there would be 6 more weeks of winter. Now that we are writing this in March, we can say he was wrong! At least for where we living in Sweden, spring is definitely in the air!
We had never celebrated Candlemas or St. Brigid's Day before but we found the idea of cleansing and looking towards the spring a very comforting idea.
Lindsay crafted these spring Brigid's crosses...
...and we used white and spring green colored candles to make pretty designs in the snow.
Which leads us to one of the new exciting things we accomplished in February, which was opening our Etsy stores! Lindsay's is called Sheaves Creations and sells one-of-a-kind designs inspired by the seasons such as these floral headpieces. 
Jonas' shop is called Jonas Fine Art and he will be selling original paintings as well as prints of his art! It's a lot of work getting a shop started and we are still figuring it all out but it's great to have gotten started!
The best thing that happened to us in February though no doubt was when Jonas was approved for his green card!!! He had his interview at the US Embassy in Stockholm on February 3rd and they told him then and there he was approved to be a US resident!!!
This was one of the longest and frustrating processes we've ever had to go through and we couldn't be more excited that all that paperwork and stress is over!
Now it seems though we have an even larger task at MOVE TO AMERICA!!! We announced recently when we are moving and more details which you can seen here.
When we were in Stockholm for the interview we had lots of time left over which we used to explore the island of Djurgården and see the Vasa Ship (see more here)!
February was also a month of many photo shoots mostly because we felt a little stressed to do Lindsay's winter lookbook before the snow melted! 
We actually had to do the photo shoot for Lindsay's part of our Into The Woods inspired project twice because the first time we tried it was extremely windy and Lindsay's makeup was destroyed in minutes. We learned a lesson though that day, that sometimes you have to embrace the very thing that is ruining your plans and you may just end up with a very cool outtake like this.
Valentine's Day! We went to an oh so fancy afternoon tea buffet and had maybe 1 helping too many, but we can't say it wasn't worth it.
The tea was at Södertuna Slott (castle) and it was very festive feeling as they were also having drop in weddings.
It was fun to sit and watch all the buzz of brides arriving and family members walking about as we stuffed scones in our faces.
Have you ever been to an afternoon tea before? It was so delightful, we keep talking about doing it again soon.
The inside of the castle was absolutely breathtaking.
Don't even get us started on how much we loved the library and wanted to stay in this cozy book nook forever!
The outside of the castle was just as breathtaking!
Especially when the lanterns and lights came on...magical!
Then the sun was setting and clouds rolled in and it got dark quite suddenly... we rushed to take this romantic picture! Awww, it was Valentine's day after all!
(Quote from our favorite Doris Day song, "It's Magic")
We filmed an apartment tour since soon we'll be packing away our personal touches, even though we couldn't really do so much to start with (you'll see what we mean in the video tour) but we thought it'd be fun to show and a special way for us to remember our 1st apartment together.
Towards the end of February the snow had melted and the first signs of spring started to appear! We will miss seeing these lovely delicate snow drops when we move to California.
The last day of February we spent visiting family in Enköping...
...and then to see our friend Jeanette and her husband Micke in charming old town Strängnäs where we saw these beautiful viking runestones.
Our friends told us a lot of history about their town and how they would place the runestones in the church walls as a way to unite the viking and Christian communities.
This was probably one of the most unique runestones we've ever seen...'s not so often you see one with Christian influences like this Celtic cross.
The last bit of news of the month is that Lindsay has started her own YouTube channel where she will talk about fashion, fairytales, adventure, bygone eras, and all other sorts of things!
Since she and our friend Jeanette (who is a wonderful model/designer/seamstress) ended up with the same gothic coat this winter they thought it'd be fun to do a review of it together, two goth metal girls' opinion on the same coat!
So of course they had to take some photos for Lindsay's new blog and videos for the new channel! Here are so funny outtakes:
We call the photos below "gothic girls with no legs"!
So that was some highlights from our February, how was yours?! We hope your March is off to a great start!
-Tales of Sheaves

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