March 21, 2015

Mountain Getaway To BIG BEAR, CA!

On our trip to California last spring we were invited to spend a night at Gold Mountain Manor in Big Bear! This was an absolute treat for us, a mini getaway to the mountains within our vacation!
(Be sure to watch the video from our YouTube channel at the end of this post for more!)
We hadn't been back to this enchanting 1920s log manor since our wedding day! We actually rented out the whole place for our family/wedding party and got to hang out the night before and share a wonderful breakfast together the day of our wedding, such special memories!
It was surreal eating a scrumptious breakfast behind the arch we were wed under and in an enchanting garden with squirrels and hummingbirds swirling about.
We still dream about this delightful breakfast to this day, we've never had such a delicious yogurt parfait.
Fresh squeeze orange juice and tasty pastries all in the sparkling sunshine *sigh* it was such a dreamy morning...
Last time we stood in front of this arch together we were wearing more white than black ;) If you'd like to see photos and a video from our dream come true wedding just click here!
It was so lovely having a chance to sit down with the owner of the manor, Cathy, and ask her questions about she got into the event business and came to own such a beautiful bed & breakfast.  She is one of the nicest people we've ever met and couldn't have dreamed of anyone more perfect to be our wedding coordinator. She's caring, organized, pays great attention to detail, and just overall one magical lady! We'll always remember how fun it was that she joined in our maypole dance at our wedding! We love how professional acquaintances can turn into wonderful friendships!
Cathy was kind enough to let us go around the manor and film a little tour and take photos!
One of our favorite things about the manor is this amazing quartz rock fireplace in the living room. They always decorate to fit the season so perfectly. As you can see here, such pretty summer colors! At our wedding it was adorned with autumn splendor!

There are 7 guest rooms, each individually decorated with vintage touches and hand crafted log furniture. Each one is so unique and beautiful in it's own way and all so inviting, and the most fluffy beds we've ever felt, like dreaming on a cloud!
The "Clark Gable Room" is fittingly named after the star who honeymooned in this room with Carole Lombard! As classic movie fans, this room is such a treat!
 Properly decorated with vintage photographs of one of Old Hollywood's most famous leading men!
The "Clark Gable Bathroom" across the hall is equally as charming.
For some reason we didn't get photos of every room but we DID capture them all in the video!
We absolutely melted inside when we saw that they had kept souvenirs from our wedding as decorations in the manor! Below, is one of our wooden centerpieces that Jonas wood-burned in runes "dreams come true" which was a major theme in our wedding design and what we have on our wedding bands.
Below is a print of the map of Big Bear Lake that Jonas illustrated for our wedding invitations in the style of Tolkien and you can see a tiny little manor in the upper right corner. We framed and gifted it to Cathy and the staff as a thank you for all they had done to help make our wedding a dream come true! It was so special to see it hanging in the den.
We left Gold Mountain Manor with our hearts full of love and gratitude, feeling so blessed that we actually had our wedding here, there couldn't be a more perfect spot in the whole world for us!
Before we left the top of the mountain we had to visit "our" magic meadow!
Our dream come true photographer (Julie Lynn Photography) took us here after our wedding ceremony and captured our fairytale love so beautifully!!! It was such a special moment there, just the 3 of us walking in our happily ever after and slowly realizing we were really married!
California poppies!!! It was a rare and beautiful site to see so many in one spot.
Heading down the mountain we went for lunch at Mill Creek Manor Tea Room, we had to stop when we saw this cutely decorated place!
Just as adorable on the inside as the outside and the couple who own it are just as lovely and have decorated it all themselves AND make all the delicious baked goods, sandwiches, and salads themselves.
We shared a delightful fresh salad with raspberry vinaigrette and a piece of lemon cream cake with strawberry drizzle. If you're ever in Big Bear, we highly recommend stopping here for tea time!
 We sure hope you enjoyed the photos and video of our mountain getaway, it was so special being back where the tales of our married life began! We'd love to know what was your favorite room in the manor? We can never decide because they are all so wonderful!
-Tales of Sheaves


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