April 4, 2015

March 2015

Can you believe it's April already?! This spring was quite temperamental with snow one day and warm and sunny the next.
The first warm day was 16C°/60F°, it was incredible!
So we had to go out for a walk and found the first spring flowers!!!
Snow drops (and the first bee of spring we've seen!)
And we don't know what this is, do you?!
We had a nice family picnic on a Sunday but it wasn't as warm as before.
Jonas and his nephews flew their "dragons" as they call kites in Swedish!
There really was a feeling in the air that spring was awakening...
This impressive birch tree feels so ancient as does the viking burial mound in the background.
The swans returned!!!
St. Patricks's Day: After a good meal of cottage pie we went for a evening stroll and found a teeter totter, couldn't resist playing on it!
Jonas said he felt like one of the hobbits hiding from the ring wraiths in The Lord of the Rings.
On another fine sunny spring day we went film The Easter Tree video...
...and take our Spring Equinox inspired photo shoot.
We started to strip our little apartment of our special keepsakes to pack in Lindsay's suitcases, hoping to make our move to the US easier in the summer since Lindsay had to go to California for a friend's wedding for a few weeks. We are quite proud of ourselves to have whittled down our knick knacks to this and even though we've felt we've had no choice to live minimally we have learned a lot and seen the rewards of it, and plan to talk more about it in the future.
We wanted to spend some special time together before Lindsay left for her trip so we went to the Tropicarium at the Kolmården zoo!
There was monkeys...
Tropical fish

Under the sea...

We had fika at this lovely cafe by the sea...
...and delicious Belgian waffles.
This room was so airy and charming room.

The Troll Mountain! (camping ground)
A beautiful sunset over the Kolmården seaside...
Isn't it nice to go out, clear your mind, and explore places in your own backyard?
So that was some highlights from our March, how was yours?! We hope you have a wonderful Easter and blessed spring season!
-Tales of Sheaves
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  1. I love all your photos! They're so magical :) You two go on such wonderful adventures together!

  2. You 2 are awesome! Lovely photos :)