April 1, 2015

New Year's Trip To POLAND!

Better late than never to post our photos and tales from our New Year's Eve trip to POLAND! When we got back from our little adventure Lindsay got sick and then we were staying on schedule with new videos/posts every Saturday and while the Poland video was out in good time (make sure to watch at the end of this post!) this poor blog post got left behind!
We arrived in Gdnask, Poland on New Year's Eve quite early in the morning, got to the hotel, took a nap, and headed out to explore and find dinner before the fireworks.
We instantly fell in love with the old town charm.
A few remaining Christmas decorations certainly added to the fairytale effect.

A few minutes before midnight we headed to a square where all the excitement was going on!
In most countries in Europe the public is allowed to set off their own fireworks, which makes for a very fun and crazy atmosphere!
It was a truly unforgettable experience to be surrounded by all kinds of different people and fireworks going off all around us...
...and when the clock stoke at midnight everyone went WILD! 
A once in a lifetime experience we will forever cherish in our hearts!
We a stroll by the river and took in the few fireworks that were going off here and there.
A kind man offered to take this photo of us, but I think we were a little leery that he might run off with our camera (can you see it in our eyes?) but obviously he didn't, and we're very thankful for the nice photo!
This amazing view right there is what peeked our interest in going to Gdansk! The Zuraw is a largest medieval port crane in Europe and the last of its kind in the world!
The first day of 2015 and out exploring Gdansk by daylight we go!
This is just the first of MANY epic old doors!

Every intricately decorated door felt like a portal into a fairytale land...
Zuraw by daylight and beautiful reflection on the Motlawa river.
This crane was originally powered by men walking inside of 2 huge wooden wheels to turn the lifting mechanism.
Parts of the crane were damaged and rebuilt several times since the middle ages but what is currently seen is the reconstruction after WWII.  
The river front and all the charming buildings were truly enchanting.
It was so peaceful here and such a contrast to the festivities of the night before.
The Green Gate leading into the old town.
Picture perfect fairytale buildings lining the streets of the old town.
A lot street was destroyed during WWII but most of the buildings are exact reconstructions of the original houses.
Each has such interesting and intricate designs and we couldn't help but wonder what was behind the tiny round windows at the top. Can you image the stories these buildings could tell?
One of our favorite things to do when exploring old towns is to pay attention to all the little details that can so often be overlooked but they add so much character...
...and never forget to look UP!
The city hall is a stately building in the middle of the Long Market street and every so often the bells ring and fill the streets with sweet music.
The Neptune Fountain
What do you supposed could be locked away behind those chained doors under the city hall?
Narrow street leading to St. Mary's Church.
A charming night capture of Mariacka street.
Thanks to our trusty Yelp app we found Cafe Retro, vintage inspired with the best decorations (and mugs) and wonderful hot chocolate.
We made a last minute decision to take a train to Malbork when we found out at the station that it was closer than we thought...
Behold, Malbork Castle!
Built in Prussia by the Teutonic Knight order and completed in 1406.
Castle portals into a fairytale land.
We took an audio guided tour and there was so much information and history it was a little overwhelming but fascinating nonetheless.
We'll spare you a bunch of facts and just show pretty photos instead...
The inner courtyard
The dark halls of Malbork...what lies in the shadows?
A chapel
It was fascinating to learn how the knights lived and all the different rooms and their uses in the middle ages.
We couldn't help but think how freezing they must have been there in the winters, it was quite frigid even for us!
We couldn't get enough of all the Gothic architecture.
A pretty Christmas tree lighting up the kitchen.
The sheer massiveness of the castle was hard to grasp in photos, it was awe inspiring to see in person!
It was extremely windy that day...
...but we somehow managed to capture these fairytale photos of us with our camera propped up on bush!
Polish Coat of Arms: The White Eagle
A last evening and dinner in Gdansk.
The last photo we took in Poland and we thought this quote from Anastasia (one of our favorite wintertime animated movies) fit perfectly with this photo. Life is a wonderful journey and we love going on adventures together! We hope you enjoyed the photos and video of our kick off to 2015!
-Tales of Sheaves


  1. This looks like it was such a magical trip!! I especially love the photos of you inside by the Gothic windows...that would make a gorgeous papercut!

    1. Thank you Kelsey! Oh yes, the Gothic architecture was a dream, you would love it there!