May 11, 2015

April 2015 (+Update)

We are well on our way into the middle of the year and while the nature is finally turning green again in Sweden we feel we are in the last spring month with summer right around the corner! 
We apologize that our April vlog/blog only consist of the things we did on Valborg/Walpurgis Night weekend but as we mentioned in the video we have good reason! 
Lindsay was in the States for 2 weeks and we've been busy getting her NEW CHANNEL & BLOG up and running, so feel free to head on over there to be apart of her new endeavors as well as check out the vlogs from her trip!

Just like the changing of the seasons we also feel a change in the winds for our next chapter of our tales! We will let the pretty photos of the daffodils speak for themselves and take this blog post as an opportunity to explain some changes we are making. First of all let's explain how Tales of Sheaves came to be! (How we got our name is another story)
We moved to Sweden as newlyweds December 2012 and Lindsay felt so far away from her friends and family and wanted to share her new life with them. 

Another reason that arose was that we wanted out stories to continue after our wedding! We had never anticipated how much people were inspired by our love story and all we went through to be together and get married and we didn't want out tales to end there, so thus began the tales of our married life!
The third reason that went into the creation of Sheaves was when Jonas got a job working 6 nights a week and Lindsay needed a creative outlet to pass the nights and something to work on that made her feel like she was doing something worthwhile with her time.

So as we adjusted into living together in Sweden and all these reasons started coming together plus we got more into using instagram and youtube and saw how many wonderful and inspiring people there were sharing their lives, it was all just a natural fit and solution. 
Then an interesting thing happened, we started noticing  that other people were coming along for the journey that didn't know us before we got married and our channel started to grow with people watching from all over the world! We were honored that other "strangers" would want to watch out videos so we felt the need to take our channel more seriously and we started doing videos once a week. 

Why are we sharing all this now? Well, life can be an interesting thing and situations change and new opportunities arise and we now feel we need to adjust accordingly!
SO, when Lindsay decided she had a passion to start her own channel & blog for things that weren't really suited for Tales of Sheaves we realized some changes needed to be made. So now we will do our best to post a new SHEAVES video EVERY WEEK, whether that be our Tales or on Lindsay's new channel!
It feels like our tales' intentions have come full circle in that it started out as a fun way of sharing our married life stories and that's why we feel this blog & channel will be more of a our vlog/travels again but we totally plan on doing other videos as well as we have so much to share about our experiences as an international couple! 
So never fear, though it may seem like we are taking a step back it's a necessary phase we have to go through right now in light of moving to the States in less that 2 months and with Lindsay starting her own channel we are actually expanding! Thanks for your understanding as we sort out these new ventures in so many areas of our lives! 
-Tales of Sheaves