June 1, 2015

MAY 2015

 The last spring month has come and gone and while it seems we didn't have a very eventful month which is true in way of videos/photos but we've had one of those kind of months where there is so much going on yet not at the same time. 
We spent our May Day weekend on the west side of Sweden on a daffodil forest + family adventure (which we included in the April blogpost as it was connected to the last weekend of April.)
  A friend of ours from the UK contacted us out of the blue saying she was going to be in Stockholm for a few days and hoped she could see us.
 We thought that was a lovely idea and while our time with her was short but sweet it gave us an unexpected "date night" that we didn't realize we needed until it was happening, such a blessing!
 Stockholm was just blooming with spring beauty and we really enjoyed exploring the island of Djurgården again, it's such a fairytale dream there with majestic mansions and museums...
 ...the last time we were there was on a very snowy day when Jonas got his green card approved and we celebrated by wandering around and having a nice fika! 
(See our winter adventure there in February)
 The closer we get to moving to California unexpected things start happening. So to counteract the anticipated unexpected misadventures we try to seize every opportunity we can to make everyday an adventure! Even if that only means buying ice cream and enjoying it in a field of yellow.
Another highlight of our month was spending a lovely day with Jonas' parents at one of Sweden's royal summer palaces.
 Tullgarns Slott (castle) is from the 1700s and is a beauty to behold, inside and out! We got to take a free tour because they were having their "Tullgarns Day" and we were swooning big time over the ornate rooms, especially this one of green, white, and gold!
  Getting back to the unexpected...ever since Lindsay returned from her trip to the States this spring she started having really bad nerve pain and swelling in her right hand. She was told it was carpal tunnel syndrome (which really isn't a shock after many years being a hair stylist) and needed to have wrist surgery to prevent it from damaging her hand permanently. They said there's a 3 month guarantee to have the surgery but the catch for us is that we are moving from Sweden in less than 2 months! 
So we waiting a few weeks to hear if/when Lindsay would be able to have the operation and then BAM we were told we were in luck and could she have surgery the next day! WHAT! We had less than 24 hours to prepare and we were running around like mad! It was probably best that it all happened so fast but it was crazy nonetheless! So, we were very glad we had finished filming the final outfit for Lindsay's "Spring Lookbook" a few days before the operation that day we were at Tullgarns.  
With only a few weeks left until our move we knew whenever the surgery may happen that it was bound to interfere with some of the plans we had made as all our weekends are getting booked up till departure! Therefore, the reason this month's vlog & blogpost was shorten than usual and why we didn't get to film upcoming videos we had hoped for this spring.
We've been learning how to plan as best we can but allow room for flexibility when the unexpected may happen and adjust accordingly...which is a difficult balance to find but we're starting to realize how important it is to learn and why those moments of adventure in the midst of misadventures are all the more sweet.
-Tales of Sheaves

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