June 17, 2015

MÖRKÖ (Swedish Fairytale Island)

In the summertime in Sweden there are loads of quaint cafes that open up just for the season and it's been one of our favorite things to do in the summers is find as many as we can. While we were looking through a summer guide of the ones listed in our area we came across Idala Cafe
which instantly caught our attention when they advertised their place as  being located on a fairytale island of flowers. 
 We did some research about Mörkö the "Dark Island" (the small Swedish island not too far from Stockholm) and thought it'd be the perfect place to go with Jonas' mum as a belated mother's day/birthday gift!
 We hadn't planned out the day too much besides visiting the cute cafe and having a nice fika and since the island is small enough we thought it'd be fun to play it by ear, take a drive, and see where we felt like stopping.
Well we should have known that the Mörkö claimed to be a fairytale island for a reason because we stumbled upon not one, but TWO magical castles!!!
The first was Hörningsholsm Slott which is a private estate but we were allowed to walk around the grounds. It is located on a cliff by an inlet of the Baltic Sea and probably built during the late 15th and early 16th century but was burnt to the ground by Russian troops in 1719 and rebuilt in its present shape, and lastly was renovated in 1919-20.
This stately tree with twisty knobby branches was the only thing on the property that wasn't in bloom or green which lead us to believe that this tree is much older than it seems...
  Something we have learned in our castle explorations is that what people usually assume is the front of the castle is often actually the back entrance by land. So now if given the chance we always try to go see the "back" of the castle that faces the water which is usually always much more beautiful than the other side! This castle is a great example of that since we would have totally missed seeing this part of the medieval fortress they kept. What a stunning contrast of the old part of the wall against the newer more stately part of the castle.
 How cute is this little cottage nestled in the trees?
  We wouldn't mind being care takers of the property if we could stay in a quaint place like that and tend to beautiful flowers like this. 
 After going for lunch we really weren't sure where to go next but we found ANOTHER fairytale castle!!! We laughed how even when we aren't looking for them we find them! Jonas' mom said she thinks we've seen more castles in this county of Sweden in a few years than she has in her lifetime, so I guess it's just a knack we have.
Engsholms Slott was a glorious sight to behold when we came around the bend! It truly took our breath away and Jonas said he has a new favorite castle in Sweden.
The details of it's history are a little sketchy but it seems the first castle built here was in the 1300s but was also destroyed by a fire in the 1700s and again in the start of the 1900s. The year "1916" runs across part of the building and it sure does give you Victorian/Edwardian vibes. Jonas commented that it felt more like a castle you'd see in England and Lindsay said it felt like it could be a Swedish "Downton Abbey". 
 We could only take a little peak inside but it completely captivated us and we sure wouldn't mind staying a weekend there sometime. They actually had an offer going for Halloween weekend which sounded intriguing as they advertised it as "a castle without a ghost isn't a castle".
 We seem to never get tired of exploring new castles and I think that's because we never can get enough of that fairytale feeling where for a moment you feel as if you tripped into a portal to another magical world and era...
 How about you, what era do you wish you could time travel to?
-Tales of Sheaves
We hope you enjoyed seeing the video tour as well as the photos and if you liked this make sure to check out our adventures from the rest of our June 2015! (coming soon)


  1. Oh how gorgeous! It looks stunning there; and trust you both to stumble across two castles!

    1. Yes we do seem to have a knack for that! thanks for reading!