June 9, 2015


In February of this year Jonas' green card was approved so we knew soon we'd be sorting, selling, and packing up the "homey" touches we had put in our little studio we lived in for almost 2 years before moving to California...which is now in just a few short weeks, CRAZY! 
How the apartment looked before we started renting!
It's bittersweet saying goodbye to our first little home and I'm sure we will always have special memories of it even if it was so tiny and we bumped around each other all the time but...it was OURS! After long distance dating for so long and finally getting married, moving to Sweden, we were just so happy to have a place or our own and to just plain be together!
How our place looked with some autumn decorations, our favorite!
Since it was so small we didn't have company over too often but a highlight will always be the "Julfika"/Christmas get-together's we had on the 4th advent where we packed up to 16 family members into our little studio! It was chaos but it was fun and you'd be surprised how much food and treats we could whip up in such a small kitchen for such an event!
This little place has sure served us well but we are looking forward to our new adventure and where our next home will be!
We hope you enjoy seeing an inside peak of the way we lived in Sweden in our first "home" we had together!
-Tales of Sheaves


  1. Aww! This was so sweet, and your apartment i lovely; you've managed to make it super cosy and fit so much into it and have so many different functions for each space! I'm looking forward to following your Californian adventures and to seeing your brand new home; I hope that you're able to hang things on the walls and decorate this one!

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment and for reading! We are looking forward to sharing our CA adventures (and hopefully an apartment where we can actually decorate) :)