July 28, 2015

Bye For Now, Sweden! (JUNE 2015)

This is our last monthly vlog + blog post of married life living in Sweden! We flew to California the last day of June and it's taken us a lot of time to adjust, hence why this is being posted at the end of July!
We had a super busy month of June filled with lots of festivities, time with family, and packing! Sweden's national day (June 6th) was special for us because of a few reasons. Lindsay got the stitches taken out from her carpal tunnel surgery after 2 weeks and it also marked Jonas' last day of work! We invited friends and family to come celebrate all these things in Jonas' home town where we watched the national day ceremony at the castle and then walked to the harbor for some ice cream. 
 Sweden is truly beautiful in the summer time, everything comes alive and one of the things we look forward to the most is all the quaint summer cafes that open up for the season. We had some lovely fika adventures finding these cute little places nestled in the woods on old farms.
Cafe Åstugan
Cafe Östergården
Restaurang Stenbrogården Värdshus
 One of our favorite excursions together was to the fairytale town of Trosa! 
Its motto is "världens ände"/world's end" and its name literally translated to "panties" but despite that it's the most quaint  little village with an old world charm.  
 You can walk along the canals and see doll like houses lining the water and stop for an ice cream...
 ...or pop into an enchanted book shop or telephone booth...
 ...or go to our favorite cafe Marispangården...
 ...for the best fika you ever had in the cutest environment!
 As explained in our vlog, this was a much needed day for us together to relax and recuperate!
 Another thing we had a lot of fun doing this June was taking advantage of the beautiful Swedish summer woods for some fairy tale photo shoots we had been wanting to do!
 Not only did we not have to stress doing them because Jonas was off work but also because in the summer the sun can set at the latest of midnight in the southern part!
 From fields of sunshine yellow to the enchanted fern forest...
 ...be expecting some Art, Tales, & Magic to be coming to this and our personal blogs soon!
 Probably the most fun we had was the traveling within Sweden we got to do! 
As a belated birthday gift to Jonas' mum we took her to the fairytale island of Mörkö where we found not one but TWO enchanted castles...you can see the full vlog + blogpost HERE!
 We took a road trip to the west side of Sweden for Midsummer weekend to spend with Jonas' twins family! On the way we stopped at the quaint little village of Gränna, famous for their polkagris/candy canes!
 You can see the full vlog + blog post of our midsummer weekend adventures HERE!

 Towards of the end of the month when most of the festivities were over the sadness and realness started setting in that soon we'd be waving goodbye to our friends and loved ones in Sweden...
 ...we even broke the lens on our beautiful camera getting this shot and
which was comical (you have to watch the vlog to see what we mean) but also added to the sadness!
We were so proud of ourselves for living so minimally and being able to condense our possessions to this! Expect a series about how we did it.
 Jonas got extremely sick the week we were moving out of our apartment and with Lindsay still recovering from her hand surgery, well we were quite the pair! With some help from our family we managed to clear out of our first apartment together. We stayed at Jonas' parents for 2 nights where we finished packing our 5 suitcases and 5 boxes that we left to store. 
On the last day of June after tears and hugs, we flew across the world on our next adventure! Whether you've been coming along with us on our adventures from the beginning or just joined in we hope you feel apart of our Sheaves Tribe and we're looking forward to share the chapter of our tales in California.
-Tales of Sheaves

July 7, 2015

Our First 4th of July

 We moved to America not even a week ago and got to celebrate our first 4th of July together which made it extra special! Ok, technically we "celebrated" during the 3 years we lived in Sweden but it's just never quite the same as actually being IN the country for holiday you are celebrating.
We believe we started a new family tradition this year of going to the Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade! It was the 111th year and you could definitely see how much time and love is put into it. There was such a festive feeling in the air and red, white, and blue everything everywhere!
See Lindsay's patriotic outfit video + blog post HERE!
 Another new tradition was started of buying fireworks to set off since it was made legal again in most cities in Orange County!
We accidentally broke the lens on our nice camera a few days before we moved from Sweden so unfortunately the one we are using right now doesn't take good photos at night, so please enjoy instead watching clips of us setting off/watching fireworks with Lindsay's family and running around with sparklers! 
This marks the first blog post + vlog of our new adventures of living in California! We are excited to continue to bring you along on the journey and tell you our tales!
-Tales of Sheaves