August 9, 2015


 HELLO CALIFORNIA!!! In our last monthly vlog + blog post we said bye for now to Sweden after living there for most of the first 3 years of our married life. Our first full day in California was on July 1st so here is some of our adventures from our first month living in America together!
 It was pretty awesome timing that we got to celebrate our first 4th of July together in our very first week in California. You can see more of our Independence Day festivities HERE!
 A few days after we landed we got the most amazing surprise of being invited to a birthday party at DISNEYLAND!!! It was such a joy to get to see the Diamond Celebration 60th anniversary decorations...
 ...and be apart of "The Little Mermaid" UNDER THE SEA DisneyBound group! We had the best time celebrating our lovely friend Sid's special day and you can see more from our Disneyland trip HERE!
 After all the holiday and birthday fun things settle down a little bit and the reality of our move started to set in. In the beginning our minds still thought we were on a vacation since we had visited CA a few times when we lived in Sweden. 

Moving overseas is always a very stressful and emotional thing and we sure have had our fair share of it while adjusting to living in a new country and city. Even though Lindsay is a California native it hasn't felt like "moving back" but just simply moving, especially since moving to a new county.
Something we learned to do in Sweden to make the best of hard situations is to go out and explore your new area! There's so much to see even right in your "own backyard" and sometimes you might just happen upon how we stumbled upon this classic car show on the historic Main Street (est. 1874) in Garden Grove...
 ...or looking in your local newspaper to find fun events for free!
We had a lovely Sunday outing to The Bradford House in Placentia.
 We so enjoyed touring this beautiful 1902 Victorian mansion and learning about the pioneering family who built it and made their fortune in the citrus industry.
Revisiting familiar places can also be equally as fun! We had a most delightful rainy afternoon at the Knott's Bery Farm California Market Place poking around in the shops and having a nice lunch. 
Lindsay went with her mom and sister for a "girls day" at the Huntington Gardens & Library! It felt as if we had tripped into a fairytale, and the rain certainly added to the dreamy effect.
 The girls went for afternoon tea in the Rose Garden for Lindsay's sister's birthday!
 The estate not only hosts several botanical gardens but extensive art gallery collections, but we only had time to explore the European library.
 The Huntington is a bit pricey but so worth it if you're in Los Angeles, plus if you time it right you might be able to go on one of their free days! That's what we're hoping to do in September so Jonas can see this beautiful place!
 We got to explore the Balboa village together since Lindsay had a hair appointment in Newport Beach (where she chopped off her long locks which you can see HERE)
Established 1906-Isn't it charming?
Now, we realize we've just shown a bunch of pretty pictures and not gone into all the difficulties of moving and adjusting to living in a new country because we plan to do a series about our moving abroad experiences, since we've now done it twice!
 We've been experiencing loads of (reverse) culture shock but taking in simple beautiful moments like sea gull footprints in the sand and a beautiful California beach sure helps ease the transition.
We sure hope you enjoy coming along with us in this new chapter of our lives living in California, we look forward to continue bringing you along on our tales!
-Tales of Sheaves

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