August 13, 2015

Midsummer Magic

  It is not a myth that the charming sun is in love with the most handsome guy on the sky, the moon! It is all a true story who involves not only happiness but also a real dose of sadness. If you ever noticed that some raindrops feels warmer than others you know what I am talking about.
 The sun cries and her tears are warm and feels like summer rain. She cries because she can never see her true love. When she sets every night the moon rises on the other side, but the only thing he sees is the magnificent colours she left behind. 
After a very long time and many years of crying the Creator of all things decided to bless them with one special night. He saw that their love was pure and one of a kind so it turned out to be a night called "Midsummer".
Summer solstice is the most magical night in the whole history. A night filled with love and happiness. A night when the sun is allowed staying up a little bit longer so that she can be with the love of her life, the moon.
You will see them come alive as two human beings, dancing in the forest the whole night long. The moon as a prince dressed in a white glowing tunic, and the sun as a beautiful princess wearing her most wonderful white dress, with a crown of her favourite flowers on her head.
They will dance with joyful hearts and only have eyes for each other. As they kiss, tiny glowing fairy bees will be born around them which will become real stars in the sky as they get older. The whole forest comes alive and the creatures of the day meet all the creatures of the night in a magical banquet. There is no fear in any ones mind because love and friendship is the centre of this special night.

After hours of dance and joy, the moon have to continue his nightly routines and say goodnight to his wonderful bride for this time. Their eyes are filled with thanksgiving and the whole creation praise the Creator because He is good. The memories and joy will last till next year when they meet again. They will wait for each other, as a prince and princess they will meet again, deep in the magic forest. 
True love warms frozen fingers, it shines through all dark nights. It's one true love which is worth waiting for.
 -Tales of Sheaves

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