August 19, 2015


This was our first year at the D23 Expo, which is a convention in Anaheim every 2 years and is the ultimate Disney fan event!!! You can see our full post about the expo HERE (coming soon) but we wanted our first post to be dedicated to our favorite show of all time...ONCE UPON A TIME!!!
 We spent most of our time on the second day of the expo to making sure we would get into the panel that evening at 6pm. After waiting in a very long line to get a StagePass when we first arrived we could relax a bit knowing we had a guaranteed seat for the panel!
 We looked at the merchandise and vendors on the show floor and were happy to see 2 booths next to each other with Once Upon a Time merch and decorations! To be honest, it was seriously lacking and we were a little sad that there wasn't more than t-shirts and posters though there were some cool pocket mirrors, but a little out of our price range. 
 As we continued to meander around the show floor we saw a crowd gathering around the ABC studios booth and overheard someone say that Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parrilla were coming out soon...*commence fangirling* the security shouted that they wouldn't be stopping to sign or take photos with fans and would be heading straight through. A few minutes later they emerged and we couldn't believe we were seeing our Queen Regina and Snow White in real life!
 Earlier in the day we saw that Lana was taking over @entertainmenttonight's Instagram at D23 so we started to realize they were going through the show floor for a few quick selfies for that purpose, which we later saw on IG!!! Crazy that we have a video + photo of our own taken at this very moment!!!
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 Interestingly enough, we had been looking at the art of Eric Goldberg just a few hours before this and Lindsay had taken a photo with the Snow White illustration herself!!!
 Of course they had to stop for a photo op at the Zootopia exhibit since Ginny is voicing the rabbit "Judy Hopps", which is cute why Lana said on ET "How lucky am I? I get 3 Ginny's!"
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 All of this probably only lasted less than 10 minutes and they disappeared behind stage again. We couldn't believe what we had just witnessed and the cool part was there was a small group of us ONCERS that followed them to the different photo spots but no one was shouting or anything at them. What it felt like was a very special moment that we got to watch and see that they're Disney nerds just like us!
It was right after this that we realized we needed to head upstairs to the line and wait for the panel!!! We weren't sure how packed it might be since we had only seen a few other Oncers at D23 but it was a full house! The energy in the air was electric and we gasped at the first sighting of the Season 5 #DarkSwan official poster on the screens!
 The panel was called "An Evening With Snow White & The Evil Queen" and the creators Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz...but there was a guest surprise from Josh Dallas!!! They took a "audience question" and he had a Jango Fett helmet on and faked a really funny kind of English accent and asked Ginnifer, "Who is your favorite character on the show?" to which she replied Rumpelstiltskin and then Josh ripped off the helmet in shock and the crowd went wild!!! They brought him on stage and there was a "Snowing" kiss...if you didn't know that Snow White and Prince Charming are married in real life?!? Magic!
 They debuted a behind the scenes and blooper real that will be released on DVD soon AND a sneak peak from Season 5 of #DARKSWAN that left us wondering, where IS Emma?!?
We recorded some highlights of the panel which you can watch below which include some of our favorite moments of the cast sharing their Disney/Disneyland favorites which made us feel like we were all just a bunch of Disney fans in a room hanging out together!
We don't only love Once Upon a Time because of it brings to life our favorite fairytale characters with a twist but this show has shown us how to find hope in the darkest of times, that everyday can be an adventure, and that true love is magic! If you're a fellow Oncer, comment below who is your favorite character and why?!
-Tales of Sheaves

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