August 4, 2015

"The Little Mermaid" DisneyBound Group!

 DISNEYLAND!!! That was our reactions when our sweet friend Sidonie invited us to her birthday party at the happiest place on earth! But this wasn't just any ordinary birthday party because Sid is no ordinary lady! Having Jamaican roots herself, she planned the theme to be centered around her Sebastian inspired DisneyBound outfit so thus formed the UNDER THE SEA "The Little Mermaid" birthday party!
If you're not familiar with what "disneybounding" is, it's basically a really fun way to play dress up at Disneyland without being in a costume. Choose a Disney character and put together an outfit from your every day kind of clothing inspired by them, it's so much fun, and taking photos with your character IN character is always a must!
How cute is this photo of Sid (Sebastian) Chris (Ariel) WITH the little mermaid herself, giving fishy faces!
We found out only a few days after we moved to California from Sweden that she'd love for us to come as Flotsam & Jetsam. We didn't have much time to put together what we really wanted but we were happy with what we found out Ross (of all places) and some DIY! Plus, it's really HARD to find clothing that match those sneaky eels. 
When we lived in Sweden we saw a lot of creative Disneybound groups on Instagram and YouTube it was a blast finally being apart of one! Here's Sid's hot crustacean band members + links to their social media (all such talented wonderful people!): 
Sidonie: @siddielove
Chris: @cryanmfa
Ursula: @cassiewanda/@glimmerwood (She has an Etsy shop where she makes whimsical and fantasy inspired costumes, accessories, and wigs!)
 After our time riding Ariel's Under Sea Adventure ride we headed into Disneyland and were blown away by all the BEAUTIFUL sparkly diamond celebration decorations!
 Disneyland is looking amazing in her 60th year and it was so fun seeing all the new additions for the celebration, including the new fireworks show and parade...AMAZING!!!
 But of course it's always just as fun to go on one of the classic rides, such as "Dumbo The Flying Elephant" which is one of the original attractions to open in 1955 with the park (though it's been updated a few times).
As the sunset, two REAL LIFE MERMAIDS joined our 
Hot Crustacean Band! It was a joy to meet instafriends Nina (@neverland_mermaid/Blog) & Traci (@tracihines/Youtube) in real life, they're too fun and talented!
 It was truly a treat to spend a whole day with the amazing husband & wife team, Sid & Chris! Oh, did we forget to mention that they are musical theater actors, musicians, singers, and all around talented, warm, caring, and pretty much the coolest couple you'll ever meet!

They have an Etsy shop (Your Cosplay Closet) where they make Disney inspired apparel (yep, that amazing Sebastian romper you've been eying this whole time was made by them!) AND you must check out their YouTube channels (Sidonie Smith, Christopher Ryan, The Stage Whisperer), because if you haven't heard them sing together...well, you're missing out on something so magical and rare in this world!
True love & friendship really are magical! We were so blessed to be apart of the "Under The Sea" birthday adventure and we hope you enjoy coming along with us in our vlog from the day!
-Tales of Sheaves

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