September 2, 2015

End of Summer Fun (AUGUST 2015)

August was our 2nd month living in California after moving from Sweden and was full of end of summer adventures (and a few misadventures). 
We kicked off the first day of August by going to The Packing House  for the first time!
It was built in 1919 during the citrus age of California and has know been turned into an international food and dessert mall, there is such a great variety!
 The next weekend we found ourselves back in Downtown Anaheim 
where some friends of ours were swing dancing and there was also an art crawl, it was such a fun environment!
Though we aren't much of beach goers, Lindsay's family wanted to have a last family beach bbq before summer was over, which of course called for s'mores!
Seeing us standing here looking at the beautiful California sunset, it's still hard for us to believe sometimes that we aren't just on a trip, that we actually live here now! Sometimes it all just feels like a vacation, I'm sure our brains will catch up to our bodies soon enough!
Since we driving Lindsay's parents to the LA airport we decided to make a day trip of it and we went to see a MacGyver filming location in Venice Beach which you can see more of HERE!
 After Venice we realized we would be stuck in terrible traffic if we headed back then so we decided to go check out the Santa Monica Pier!
The wooden pier was first opened in 1909 and still filled with loads of old-fashioned charm!
Probably the most exciting thing that happened to us this month was that we finally got DISNEYLAND passes!!!
Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning...
So now whenever we miss castles and medieval architecture we can go to Disneyland to get a piece Europe!
And what could be even MORE exciting than Disneyland?!? The ravens that have migrated to Main Street USA are saying that Halloween time is drawing near...
Which leads us to our "secret project" collaboration with Dappsy!!! 
Our wonderful friends Victoria & Chris (who have a paper moon shoppe) approached us about doing a specialty moon collection where they would cut a moon that Jonas would design and hand paint and Lindsay would stylize the photo shoots!
We put a lot of love into this project and our happy Jack-O'-Lantern harvest moon is only the first of the "Moonlight Magic Collection" collaboration between Tales of Sheaves and Dappsy! So stay tuned for more and you can see the behind the scenes + more photos from the shoot HERE!
We hope you enjoyed coming along with us on our August adventures via photos and the video below! It's hard to believe that our summer was split living between Sweden and California but we couldn't be more thrilled to head into autumn and all the adventures it has in store!

-Tales of Sheaves

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