September 3, 2015

MacGyver Filming Location (Venice Beach, CA)

MACGYVER!!! One of our favorite TV shows! The man with a paper clip, Swiss army knife, and a knack for getting out of sticky situations...but more than that he is a hero and we think one of the best role models on TV! We both remember seeing it on TV as kids but we didn't started watching MacGyver together until we were engaged when Jonas' twin brother let us borrow the seasons, and we were hooked ever since!
When we got married in California we realized that we could go see some of the filming locations but we never got the chance before we moved to Sweden. When Lindsay's parents needed a ride to the LA airport we saw it was really close to Venice and thanks to MacGyver Online we got the exact location!
 We had just watched Season 1 Episode 9 "The Prodigal" the night before which showed MacGyver's first apartment of the series for the first time! In that episode you see MacGyver back from an adventure and feeling good to be back home where he looks from his balcony to the Venice beach and boardwalk. You see him going to get his mail and meeting a client, Frank, who he gets coffee for at the cafe (under the blue sign). We are unsure if that used to be an actual working cafe or was just a set but either way it's hard to tell since there is a gate surrounding that lower area now.
The scenes at his apartment building are brief but it was mind-blowing for MacGyver fans like us to see this "historical landmark" and stand in the spot where some thugs came to kidnap Frank and MacGyver chases after then in a yellow sports car...all right in Venice Beach!
While in Venice we took a stroll down the boardwalk and took in the unique street art on the buildings, interesting characters walking about, and enjoyed a nice lunch and ice cream in the Gingerbread Court. Venice is a very quirky place but definitely worth a visit if you're in LA!
Now that we live in California we hope to do more filming location videos for some of our favorite TV shows and movies, we hope you enjoyed seeing our vlog and photos!
-Tales of Sheaves

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