November 7, 2015


Oh, OCTOBER! The most wonderful month of the year!!! The last few autumns were spent in Sweden where yes the weather truly feels like fall, but it was nice to spend our birthday month again in the land of pumpkin everything!
Speaking of pumpkins...Jonas' first job in America was working as an illustrator and carver at the Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns!
 If you didn't already see the photos and video we posted of The Rise, you can see that HERE!
 For many "Back to the Future" fans, October 2015 was a monumental month and we went to the Puente Hills Mall (or as its known in the film "Twin Pines Mall") and got to the famous mall sign and Doc Brown's car where he first tried time travel...this was EPIC!
 Another wonderfully special thing that happened this month was Jonas' first art show! He had 2 of his fairytale art pieces displayed at the Black Umbrella Tattoo & Art Gallery! This was a dream come true, and the best is yet to come!
 Since we hadn't been in California in the fall for some time it was SO special to do some old-fashioned American autumn activities like going to a pumpkin patch!
 And of course one of the very best things about Southern California in the fall is...HALLOWEEN TIME at DISNEYLAND!!! So naturally, we had to do a Jack & Sally DisneyBound for the occasion!
 On Lindsay's YouTube channel you can follow Lindsay around Disneyland while she shows you her favorite parts of fall time at the happiest place on earth, which you can watch HERE!
 The last week of October is always wonderfully chaotic as we celebrate both our birthdays AND Halloween! Lindsay's family treated us to Kurios by Cirque du Soleil and it was the most fantastical and bizarre circus experience we've ever seen! We loved the steampunk vibe and the fact that it was in a big top made it 10 times more amazing!
 Then came...HALLOWEEN!!! Jonas had never seen trick or treating before and so we had to go to downtown Fullerton where this historic street of beautiful houses looks like a it's out of Hocus Pocus!
 Speaking of Hocus Pocus, don't forget to check out our friend Traci Hines' music video cover of "I Put A Spell On You" which we made an appearance in as some of the trick or treaters!
 And speaking of witches, we had another wonderful opportunity this month of collaborating with Dappsy again to make a vintage style Wicked Witch paper moon, which you can see the behind the scenes of HERE!
We are so thankful for one of best October's we've ever had that was full of pumpkins, witches, and Halloween magic and we hope you enjoy following along with us on our adventures in the video below! Did you have a good October? Did you dress up for Halloween?
Now, we wonder what November will hold...
-Tales of Sheaves

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