December 12, 2015

MARRIED LIFE: 3 Years & Counting

Last fall we got the idea to do a wedding anniversary photo/video series inspired by Disney Pixar's UP! We embarked on a lifelong project where once a year we will add a balloon to represent each year of our marriage and take them to a place that was special to us that year. 
"Up" is a special love story and most people think of the movie as sad because it makes them cry within the first 5 minutes, which is true, but we see it as a beautiful story of love and life, the UPS and the downs and all the special moments in between.
To represent the 1st and 2nd years of our married life in Sweden we chose two special locations which you can read more about HERE.
In this, the 3rd year of our married life, we moved from Sweden to America! It was a little tricky to pick a location as we have only lived in California for less than half a year.
We picked the Founders' Park of Anaheim as our special 3 year location since we are Anaheim residents now, Lindsay's family is originally from this city, and this special spot even has some unique Disney history!
It's so special to see another balloon added to this lifelong project and to see how far (literally) we've come! Beginning our marriage in Sweden was such an adventure and now we're on a new one that has brought us to America to follow our dreams!
Just like Carl & Ellie in the movie "Up" we love living this lifetime of adventure together wherever that may take us and it's thrilling to think that right now we have no idea where we will take the photos/videos in the coming years but that's all part of the fun in living this adventure together!
 Imagine what this project will look like in 25 years...and imagine with 50 balloons!
-Tales of Sheaves

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