December 4, 2015

FALL FUN in SOCAL! (November 2015)

 November is a funny month because it feels like fall and winter are fighting for their share of the month.
 The weather in California (compared to Sweden where we were last November) started finally feeling like a proper fall but the Christmas decorations and music seem to creep in earlier each year. 
 Disneyland got us feeling the Christmas spirit the week after Halloween! Speaking of Halloween, Lindsay had the fun opportunity do a YouTube video ride through of the Haunted Mansion Holiday which will be on Walt's Classic's channel soon!
The autumn feelings came back when visited Oak Glen which is famous for it's apples...
...and even though we missed picking season it was so lovely to see some of the last gorgeous fall foliage...
 ...and it being the week before Thanksgiving, we were delighted to see the last plump pumpkins of the season and indian corn.
  Riley's Rarm and Los Rios are our favorite ranches to visit and always brings back loads of childhood memories for Lindsay and her family. 
 We finally got to film our Married Life video for the year and we chose the beautiful victorian house in Downtown Anaheim which we though perfectly represented this year of our married life adventures since we moved to Anaheim this year!
  Towards the end of the month we were delightfully surprised to find out there was a Swedish Christmas market in Huntington Beach at the Old World Village.
It was very authentic and there was even other Swedes that Jonas got to talk to. Though heading into the holiday season has mixed emotions for us it was really nice experience and of course we'll carry on with the Swedish Christmas traditions that have become such a special part of our marriage no matter where we live. 
 How was your Thanksgiving? As we said in the video, we are so thankful for all of YOU who came along with us on our adventures through life!
-Tales of Sheaves

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