November 19, 2016

Mystic Faeries + Boston Tea Party (Our Birthday Trip)

 We love that our birthdays and Halloween are just a few days apart and this year we got to spend it in New England!!! First stop was to Mystic where we stayed with our Workaway family at Brigadoon Bed & Breakfast. They through the best party for us and truly treated us like family, even though we've only know each other a few months! Our volunteer experience really brought us close and it was the perfect place for Lindsay to begin her 30th year.
We went in search of faeries at the Florence Griswold Museum where we got to discover ancient fairy civilizations around the world and through time and how their homes would have look! It was the most clever and enchanting exhibit and here you can see the gypsy faeries of Eastern Europe and their caravan. We also loved the gold miner fairy village of 1800s California compete with mini saloon! The details were absolutely incredible, intricate, and fantastical!
We loved the history of the house and the woman behind it. During the great depression era Miss Florence almost lost her family home but turned it into a boarding house which led to her opening her home to artists. Her home and property flourished with art and life again and it became the famous Lyme Art Colony which turned into a museum full of actual paintings on the walls that her tenants would do as a gift.
We had the most lovely time in Connecticut and then onward we went to Massachusetts! On Jonas' birthday we went to Boston for a tea party! We got to try the 5 historic teas that were thrown into the harbor a winters night in 1773 in protest of taxation without representation of the British.
We took a wander along the Freedom Trail where you can discover the history of the American Revolution.
It started to rain hard on us but we got to see the Paul Revere House and the Old State House.
Soaking wet we arrived to the Seaport to see the last show of The Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns in Boston! Jonas hand painted and carved dozens of pumpkins for this event which has several locations on the East and West coast. 
Earlier in October we saw the show on Long Island which was located outside on a walking trail but in Boston it was located inside (which we were thankful for because of the rain) and it was just as epic but in a different way. Being that it's inside they could have even more art pumpkins such as you see below!
We loved Boston and had such a great time celebrating Jonas' birthday there and seeing all his hard work put into the pumpkins! Next stop: SALEM!

Although all our Halloween adventures are on Lindsay's YT channel and blog we'd like to share some of our travel photography from exploring Disney's "Hocus Pocus" filming locations!
The Old Burial Hill is one of the county's oldest cemeteries and has the most gorgeous view over Marblehead, MA.
The architecture of the colonial houses in Salem is simply stunning especially when decorated for fall.
The Ropes Mansion wasn't decorated for Halloween like it was in the film but it was a beauty to behold nonetheless.
The Old Town Hall was in the center of activity on Halloween night and to see witches and ghouls wandering about made it truly feel like we had stumbled into Hocus Pocus!
Salem isn't called "Witch City" for no reason! Here's the house that has direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials. It was a Halloween dream come true to spend our favorite holiday in Salem and we hope to do more tours some day!
We love celebrating our birthdays & Halloween together and we hope you enjoy coming along for the New England October adventures!
-Tales of Sheaves

October 19, 2016


 Explore the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Headless Horseman Bridge, Washington Irving's grave, and Tarrytown this October! 
We've adventured there a few times since moving to New York but being there in October was a magical experience!
 This really is the place to be for Halloween and we're sad to have missed some of the spooky events that the Hudson Valley has to offer!
 However, just being in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery you can sense something different and spooky in the air. The gold colors of autumn adorn the graves like crowns and it's a beautiful place to take a stroll.
It's quickly become one of our favorite places, hope you get the chance to visit someday soon!
-Tales of Sheaves

October 13, 2016


 Come see more than 5,000 hand-carved & illustrated illuminated jack o' lanterns light up the night this October in New York, New Jersey, Boston, and California in the most unique and iconic family friendly fall event, RISE of the Jack O' Lanterns
 The pumpkins are arranged in creative ways along a 1/3-mile scenic walking trail all set to an original music score produced exclusively for The RISE!
  Last year, Jonas was apart of the California and this year he is one of the artists that has been apart an amazing talented New York team that brought this event to life!
 This year, Jonas even got to feature one of his own original Art, Tales, & Magic designs as apart of The Rise logo jack o' lantern!
 Isn't his scarecrow jack o' lantern perfect on a pumpkin?
We hope you enjoy the video and photos from our trip on opening weekend in Old Westbury Gardens!
 There's a fun selection for the classic horror movie fans

 A Charlie Brown tribute to The Great Pumpkin's 60th anniversary
 And of course, what is Halloween without some Disney...
 ...and The Nightmare before Christmas?
 The Halloween Tree is always a favorite or ours!
 This is all such a Halloween dream come true to be apart of again, and in New York this time!
 -Tales of Sheaves

We Moved to NEW YORK!

 Moving to NEW YORK adventures!!! Click the link below to come along with us as we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, explore a bit of our new area, and settle into our new life in Westchester County, NY!
 We've moved so much this year and we find that going out and exploring local places really helps us feel more at home and we've found some really cool places already! We can't wait to keep bringing you along with us on our new adventures living in New York!
-Tales of Sheaves

September 27, 2016

MARRIED LIFE: 4 Years & Counting

When we embarked on a lifelong wedding anniversary project inspired by Carl & Ellie in Disney Pixar's "UP" we could never have imagined where it would take us...
  Our mission is that once a year we will add a balloon to represent each year of our marriage and take them to a place that was special to us that year of our Married Life...
Years 1 & 2 were in Sweden and year 3 in California! We thought it was fun to have those years documented in the places we are both from but we could never have anticipated where we would end up in year 4!
When we journeyed across America from the West Coast to the East Coast on an epic adventure to follow our dreams we weren't sure where they would take us.
 We had a wonderful springtime in Georgia and then some misadventures in Virginia which left us almost homeless. We struggled but thanks to Workaway we were able to have somewhere to stay and get things sorted in Connecticut.
It was there we grew to love North East USA! We've been searching for somewhere that feels like home for both of us and after driving all along the East Coast we think we may have found our place... least for a little while! We never could have imagined that we would get to live in NEW YORK!  Let alone in the same county as Sleepy Hollow, which is of course is the special location we chose for year 4 or our Married Life project! 
 Funny story though, in the middle of shooting on the Headless Horseman Bridge we were asked to move along and we had no idea where to complete the video! We drove all over Washington Irving's stomping grounds and came across a nature center.
In the last light of golden hour, we were able to capture these photos and we think they are a perfect example of what our year has been like. So many UPS and DOWNS but always seeking those unexpected magical moments in between.
-Tales of Sheaves

September 20, 2016


Oh, charming beautiful Mystic, Connecticut! We were so blessed to stay and volunteer at 2 historic bed & breakfasts via Workaway during a time when we were almost homeless.
Our hosts treated us like family and was such a healing time for us after what happened in Virginia...
 Exploring the New England seaside at the end of the summer was also such an amazing blessing! 
 From the historic lighthouses to filming locations like "Mystic Pizza" we couldn't get enough of the quaint towns and houses.
 Getting to stay in 2 charming bed & breakfasts like Brigadoon of Mystic...
 ...and Roseledge Country Inn & Farm Shop was also such a treat!
 When we weren't doing housekeeping or scraping paint, we sure did enjoy the properties, so peaceful!
 We ventured out into Harford one weekend and got to see the Mark Twain house plus some other historic buildings in that neighbor which you can see on Lindsay's channel HERE.
 On our last day in New England we went with another Workawayer into Rhode Island to the charming town of Westerly...
 ...and Watch Hill to see the grand Ocean House Hotel with the most magical "hidden beach" that truly felt lost somewhere in time.
We couldn't be more thankful for our time in Connecticut and the people we got to know and love there! Now, onto the next adventure where we finally found a place to live for a few months in NEW YORK! We have a feeling this fall & Halloween season is going to be EPIC!
As always, thanks for coming along for the adventures,
-Tales of Sheaves

September 11, 2016


GOOD NEWS + CRAZY STORY!!! We're so thrilled to share that we found SOMEWHERE TO LIVE after being homeless and traveling most of the this year!!! See you in NEW YORK this fall!!!

September 3, 2016


Here's the tale of how we became homeless after a job in Virginia took advantage of us BIG TIME! 

We hope by sharing our misadventures as innkeepers can help you learn from our mistakes...
We also hope to encourage you to never stop following your dreams wherever they take you even if it doesn't turn out as you hoped, it's all for a reason!
-Tales of Sheaves

August 18, 2016


We thought it was better late than never to catch up on videos and photos to share from our Springtime in Georgia! First please enjoy a tour of the beautiful historic Mountain Laurel Farm where we stayed and helped at for 2 months through the Workaway program.
This video is a vlog of our time exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia in the blooming springtime!
But we had 1 day of snow!

It wasn't even forecast so we ran out with the camera and grabbed a few shots. This tulip magnolia was just starting to bloom, so we think this was a really unique shot!
The next day was warm and the snow completely melted, almost as if it had never come. We went out into the charming Alpine style village of Helen for some Germany pastries.
The spring we had on the farm was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL we had ever had! The trees had the most beautiful white blossoms and butterflies flitted around, it was magic!

 Our first few weeks there was spent doing a lot of work getting the farm ready for wedding season and on Easter weekend we finally got a chance to go out and explore! We hiked to Anna Ruby Falls to see the beautiful waterfalls.
Then we went to the village of Sautee Nacoochee,
a charming place with cute shops, restaurants, and a historic market from 1872.
The Lavender Cottage was a favorite of ours, EVERYTHING was purple and smelled delightful!
We made our Easter tree after the Swedish tradition of tying feathers to branches, but we did it with a twist! We used branches s with actual blooms on it, something that we couldn't do in Sweden since spring usually hasn't sprung by Easter time, we loved the outcome!

We were blessed to spend Easter Sunday with friends from North Carolina. We both drove an hour to meet in the middle at The Dillard House for brunch, and we had the most delicious southern spread!
The view was breathtaking!
Once spring was in full swing on the farm we got busy with weddings and Bed & Breakfast guests! We spent many a day cleaning and making beds in this gorgeous historic farmhouse from 1911. Be sure to watch the video for a tour of the rooms!
Isn't this red barn a rustic southern dream?!
We were so blessed to do all kinds of work here and help at 4 weddings!
We loved helping set up with the flowers and table settings and seeing it all come to life! It felt so special to be apart of making someone's wedding day run smoothly and we even got to know some of the sweet couples and their families.
This is the cozy cottage we stayed in for 2 months, isn't it charming? It's from 1940 but has been renovated and has the cutest Native America and cowboy decor.
We spent many cozy nights there and we can't even begin to describe how much we loved the view of the mountains and how those stars shined at night!
We will always hold dear to our hearts, the time we spent with the Lothridge family at Mountain Laurel Farm. They treated us like family and we had so many fun adventures together!
We can't recommend enough the precious people we've met and adventures we've been blessed to have through the Workaway program. We can't wait to share about our next Workaway we are at in Connecticut!
-Tales of Sheaves