January 31, 2016

Our 1st CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS! (December 2015)

Well, it's the last day of January and we're only now getting to posting our December vlog + blogpost and that is for a few reasons that we mentioned in the video below.
We were off to a good start when we visited The Banning Museum in Wilmington for their Victorian Christmas open house...
...and went out for dinner and walked around the Long Beach pier where a very magical and hopeful thing happened for us, as detailed in the vlog.
Then a few days later we got word that our dear friend was passing away and we went the next day to visit her and a few days later she wasn't in pain anymore and free...
Aside from Christmas and a few Disney trips, our days have been filmed with a lot of heaviness, stress, and confusion. We are very proud that we completed a whole year of monthly vlogs + blogposts and we hope you enjoyed coming along on all our adventures of which half were spent living in Sweden and California!
But as for 2016, we are quite unsure of what is in store for us, as well as our blog and channel. The monthly vlogs were fun but we feel a change in the wind. We hope to continue sharing our tales of married life but aren't sure what form it will take this year. Until we figure that out a good way to keep up to speed with us is on Instagram (@lindsayofsheaves & @jonasofsheaves) and Snapchat (lindsay.sheaves & jonasofsheaves).
Here's to finding new adventures this year!
-Tales of Sheaves