March 30, 2016

America The Beautiful

Come along with us as journeyed across America the Beautiful, from sea to shining sea! We took a road trip as we moved from California to Georgia and as we traveled we were struck by the diverse beauty of the USA as we watched the landscapes change from the West Coast to the East Coast on the southern most route.

On our adventure we said goodbye for now to the happiest place on earth... 
Disneyland, California

..and then we stepped into the old west...
Tucson, Arizona

...tried to find the basement of The Alamo...
San Antonia, Texas

...and held baby crocodiles...
Lake Charles, Louisiana

...swooned over the mansions in the Garden District... 
New Orleans, Louisiana

...stood where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke...
Montgomery, Alabama

...and came to our final destination on a farm.
Cleveland, Georgia
We can't wait to share the vlog from our adventure as well as the new chapter of our tales living on the East Coast!
-Tales of Sheaves

"O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!"

March 22, 2016

Why We Left CA & Moved to the EAST COAST!

So, we have something sort of crazy to share...
This may come as a shock for some since we only lived in California 8 months after our move from Sweden. 
Well, in the video we try to explain in a nutshell how the decision came about, though it isn't the whole story, we love sharing our tales with you but this time we had to keep some things personal. 
We tried to make the best out of a very had situation by doing WORKAWAY which is a volunteering and culture exchange program around the world. This is something we had talked about doing for over a year but because of Lindsay's unexpected surgery 6 weeks before moving to CA we knew we couldn't do Workaway when we move to the States, which was the original plan.
It's funny how life can come full circle in a most peculiar way since we are now living on the East Coast where we first started falling in love (that's another tale for another time).
The last few months of our time in California are honestly a blur of stress, panic, and countless hours spent on Craigslist. 
We tried like mad to find jobs and a place to live which took us all over Orange County and Los Angeles. Which we tried to make into mini adventures in the midst of chaos by going to local parks or cute restaurants in those areas. We even spent Valentine's day looking at cars which happened to be next to Knott's Berry farm, so we went for a stroll at the market place.
When all the doors in California closed on us and the others on the East Coast started to open, we realized of course we had to sneak in one last epic Disneyland trip...
...and wave "bye for now" to our happy place.
 We got to watch "Paint The Night Parade" with the best view and as we left California we still have the lyrics "when can we do this again?" running through our minds.
 We hit the road on our epic U.S. Road Trip (coming soon) and came to our "final destination" in Georgia! It has been heart breaking saying goodbye to our loved ones and the places we are from but we had talked about and wondered for some time to ourselves if we'd find our little corner of the world where we can thrive together, on the East Coast. There are pros and cons to everywhere but we hope to find that special place where we feel like we belong. So maybe all of this has been a dream come true in the making when we didn't even realize.
We are thankful for the time and adventures we did have in California and even though we didn't get to say a proper goodbye we know that it's only "bye for now" and of course we'll be back to visit. We thank you for your support on this new unexpected adventure and chapter of our married life and we can't wait to take you along on our adventures on the East Coast. Until next time, remember to always follow your heart and your dreams will come true!
-Tales of Sheaves