April 16, 2016

Our U.S.A. Journey

 We are so happy to share our EPIC USA ROAD TRIP journey! If you didn't already hear, we moved from California to the East Coast, packed our car with suitcases, and drove across America The Beautiful on the southern most route.
 We squeezed in one last trip to the happiest place on earth and said goodbye for now to California...
 ...and hello to the Arizona!
 Old Tucson is like stepping straight into the old west.
 Since the 1940s, hundreds of famous western movies have been filmed here at this famous filming location.
 Everywhere you look it's easy to imagine John Wayne mosing down the dusty streets...
 ...or Clint Eastwood and his posse having a shoot out.
As we watched the sunset upon the wild Arizona hills covered in cactus we arrived in Texas...
and tried to find the basement of The Alamo, with no such success. Even though Pee-wee's Big Adventure brought us there we learned some amazing history about the war and Davy Crockett. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any photos inside.
Our next destination was Louisiana where we stopped in Lake Charles and swooned over all the southern mansions and even got to hold a baby alligator.
New Orleans was the stop we were most excited about so we tried to spend some extra time there. We ventured out into the French Quarter on a Friday night and got were a little disillusioned by the wild partying on Bourbon Street, a far cry from the evening magic of the New Orleans Square at Disneyland.
However, the next day, despite the Saturday crowds, we discovered the charming enchantment of New Orleans.
Of course we had to get gumbo and beignets, DELICOUS!
We couldn't get enough of all the decorative iron work and ferns.
Perhaps one of our most favorite moments of our trip was strolling around the historic garden district in that evening.
Every mansion was a dream, and we realized that dreams do come true in New Orleans (Cue "The Princess and the Frog).
Our next stop and last night on the road was spent in Montgomery, Alabama.
We went into the capital city on a Sunday afternoon to find it almost completely vacant, except for the families dressed in their Sunday best, walking out of old brick churches.
We visited the first white house of the confederacy and the church that Martin Luther King Jr. was a preacher at. 
A lantern is lit there in his remembrance and the footprints of those who marched from Selma to Montgomery in peaceful protest of civil rights, where Martin deliver his speech in 1965:
"How long? Not long!"
We drove on to our final destination in Cleveland, Georgia where our new adventure would begin at Mountain Laurel Farm through the Workaway exchange program.
We look forward to sharing with you our this next chapter of our tales on the East Coast and in the mountains of Northern Georgia.
-Tales of Sheaves