June 22, 2016

Summer Solstice Strawberry Full Moon in SWEDEN!

It feels like a midsummer's night dream to be in Sweden again during our favorite and most magical time of the year.
Summer solstice is such a special thing in the Nordic lands since the sun hardly sets and it's pale light lingers in the sky for a few hours only to rise again.
This year was particularly magical since we got to witness the Strawberry Full Moon coincide with the solstice.
Something that hasn't happened for 70 years and won't happen again for about the same amount of time!
We brought some strawberries with us and watched the sun "set" and moon rise over a familiar field.
We took a walk through the forest where we could still see the moon and the sun's light through the dark trees, and it isn't hard to imagine that this is the magical night where faeries dance under the midnight sun.
Please enjoy the video below of clips from our Snapchat (lindsay.sheaves) of our journey from North Carolina to Sweden!
-Tales of Sheaves

June 20, 2016

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

 Our time in the Shenandoah may have been cut short but we still tried to see as much as we could and hope to see more some day!
 We loved this view of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Skyline drive.
 Historic downtown Harrisonburg is packed with quaint boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.
 On our way out of Virginia we stopped in Staunton which felt like a step back in time. 
We hope you enjoy the video below even if it is a bit somber, we want to share all our tales, the adventures and the misadventures, in hopes of showing that our lives aren't perfect even if we get to travel and see so much. We try to make an adventure out of every hard situation we encounter. We hope to record our story soon of why we quit innkeeping to share what we learned and how even this bad experience has only helped us sharpen our vision for the future and to keep pressing towards our dreams!
-Tales of Sheaves

June 1, 2016

Our Innkeeping Adventure: Moving To Virginia

That's right, we moved to the Shenandoah Valley to pursue our dreams as innkeepers. At the end of April we said goodbye for now to Mountain Laurel Farm in Georgia where we had spent a wonderful 2 months doing a work exchange program at this historic bed & breakfast and wedding venue!
 We hope to share more photos + videos from our springtime in Georgia soon but until then we want to get caught up to present where we are in now!
 We spent one night in North Carolina with Lindsay's pen pal/best friend and the next day we got to explore the charming historic Old Winston-Salem.
 Old Salem is a living history museum that interprets the restored Moravian community.
These 1700s buildings are an old-fashioned dream...
 ...and of course we had to stop for fika and rose lemonade at the local tea room!
 It was a lovely afternoon but we had to say goodbye and head off onto our next adventure and state!
We were nervous and excited to start our innkeeping internship at a 5 star B&B with accommodations included, it all seemed too good to be true...and it WAS! Unfortunately, we got taken advantage of and are facing being practically homeless, AGAIN! There's so much more to this tale that we will share when we are far away from this toxic environment.
Until then, thanks for coming along on our adventures (and misadventures)!
-Tales of Sheaves