July 27, 2016


Vikings, Trolls, & Castles, OH MY! Sweden is full of magical places a we are glad we got to squeeze in some epic adventures before we head off on our next adventure! Watch through the end of the vlog below to find out where we are going next!
We went with Jonas' mom, as is tradition every summer to visit a castle together, to Ericsberg Slott!
 This was such a magical manor and gardens, complete with enchanted labyrinth!
We visited a troll inspired cafe called Tuvatorp Cafe
in Vårgårda thanks to Jonas' twin taking us there! We absolutely loved the atmosphere and even got to meet the lovely owner who converted this old barn into a cafe. 
 She even makes her own troll dolls and knows all about nordic mythology and even does story telling here, a magical place!
 Our last big adventure was to Torpa Stenhus where they had an epic medieval viking faire!
It was a very hot day (even for Sweden) and we hopped between the shadows of the old style tents as we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the faire!
 This 1400s medieval castle was the perfect setting for such an event, it really felt like traveling back in time!
 Our last week on our Swedish summer trip was full of fun but also goodbyes...
 ...we've had a wonderful time and will hold these memories close to our hearts until the next time we can visit Sweden again!
As always, thank you for joining our journey and we can't wait to take you along for our next adventure as we head to New England!
-Tales of Sheaves

July 21, 2016

Swedish Coffee Culture: Fika

FIKA! A word that can mean so many things to many different Swedes though I think most of them can agree on one aspect: COFFEE!
We hope you enjoy coming with us on a coffee cultural journey in Sweden where Jonas & his twin brother Emil explain in a humorous way all that they know and love about fika time!
It's no secret that Sweden is one of the top consumers of coffee, sweets, and candy in the world. Perhaps it's those cold dark winters or the lovely summer days where the sun hardly sets? Either way, we LOVE the Swedish summer cafe culture. 
 Quaint old farms or stately mansions open their doors just for a few months every year.
One can sit in a beautiful environment and enjoy some coffee and a tasty Swedish pastry, I mean come on, isn't this exquisite?
 "Jordgubbar" are MUST for Midsommar and most of the rest of the season, mmm strawberry cream cake!
 Don't forget about the 7 sorts of sweets! "Sju Sorters Kakor" is one of the best selling books in Sweden and you better believe there's a recipe for cinnamon buns, chocolate balls, gingerbread, princess cake, and the list goes on!
Yes, fika is all about the sweets but it's so much more than that. It's a way to socialize or a way to relax.
Fika can mean so many things to different people but one things for certain, it's a lifestyle for Swedes.
 As an international couple, it's a tradition we love to do together and extend to our family, friends, and YOU! 
-Tales of Sheaves

July 11, 2016

Swedish Archipelago: Oxelösund

The beautiful archipelago of Oxelösund has much to offer in the summer time:

Take a boat ride to a magical island in Femöre and have a swim...

...look for treasures at the seasonal flea market in Jogersö...

...or take a stroll through the forest to have some ice cream & a picnic by the sea.

The islands of Sweden are full of enchantment and wonder, especially in the summer time!
-Tales of Sheaves

July 6, 2016

Explore Stockholm County

 Week 3 of our Swedish summer trip included some visits to some beautiful places which happened to be in the county of Stockholm!
 Except for this mansion (Stjärnholm) which is in Södermanland but still deserves to show this pretty photo!
It was lovely to visit Torekällberget in Södertälje again, the last time we went was in the early spring time and now it was so green and full cute animals!
 This open air museum displays the Swedish farm life looked in the 1800s.
 The buildings are beautifully rustic and there's free entry to this museum, definitely worth a visit when in the Stockholm area!
 Next we visited Taxinge Slott in Nykvarn, also a little ways outside of Stockholm. This mansion is known for it's cafe with at least 65 different sorts of pastries or "fika" as the Swedish say.
  The mansion is lovely and boasts beautiful gardens and view of the water and even stables with horses!
We hope you are enjoying our weekly vlog + blogposts of our Sweden trip and that you find some of the places we visit inspiring for your own travels!
  -Tales of Sheaves

July 2, 2016

MIDSOMMAR in HERRLJUNGA, Östergötlands + Stopover in GRÄNNA!

 GLAD MIDSOMMAR!!! We hope you enjoy the video of our midsummer adventures as well as these travel photos that we've been enjoying taking!
Much like our last Midsommar in Sweden we enjoyed a stopover in the charming village of Gränna on our way from the East to West coast of Sweden to spend Midsummer with Jonas' twin's family!
The quaint main street is lined with candy shops full or their famous "polkagris" candy canes that were first invented here in 1859. If you look to one side there's a breathtaking view of the Lake Vättern and to the other you see charming houses nestled into the side of a cliff, truly a fairytale town!
We went to Haraberget in Herrljunga just like last year to see the traditional raising of the maypole and dancing 'round it! We enjoyed a walk around the pond there and these old buildings are a treasure.
 We didn't stay at the summer cabin this year but we did enjoy a delightful midsummer feast and view of the lake!
 Midsommar Day we visited our favorite Swedish summer cafe: Crea Diem Bokcafe!
 They have the best homemade fika and a gorgeous area to sit under the trees and enjoy the lovely summer weather.
 We had the most wonderful time celebrating one of our favorite holidays together and are so thankful we could be in Sweden for it this summer! Just a few weeks ago we had no hopes of even getting a vacation for a year! It's funny how life can change so suddenly but we're glad the change in the wind took us here for the most beautiful time of year in the North!
-Tales of Sheaves